Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bad mispelling

The holiest city for the Muslims is Makkah-tul-Mukarramah.

It is not "Mecca".

Saudi Arabia had officially changed the spelling of the name of this city to "Makkah" a few years ago after realizing the derogatory usage of the word by the Western media and Western authors.

The word MECCA means "Sharab Khaana/(whisky house)".
So let all of us careful when writing the word "MECCA".

It has been observed that most of us write "MOSQUE" for "Masjid" and even calling it as Mosque in daily routine.
What elders and teachers say that the word "MOSQUE" means
the house of mosquitoes.
So lets be careful, the next time instead of writing mosque, please write MASJID.

Many people, whose names start with MUHAMMAD/Mohamad/Mohammad, write in a short form as "Mohd". This "Mohd" means "A dog which has a big mouth".

The above advice is given by an arab brother, Dr. Mohamad Ismail, staying in Eygpt.


  1. Halela,

    Useful information anyway.
    Keep on informing.

  2. Kak,
    Lama tak update..bejalan ke..??

  3. sarah dari loughbourough,
    Buah apel yg banyak2 itu buatlah jam apel atau apel pie atau kuehpap apel.
    Klela jarang tulis sini, pergi ke main blog...

  4. Hi, Dear bro/sister, for whom ever believes or say what in this topic! can i have any proves please!

    i checked out for "Mohd" in google, about 48 pages of research i have found in images, None of them contain a Dog image, only one, and this one was on it the name (Moh and his dog zana)something like that.. i didn't go through the web alot.. i wrote "what does mohd means" and it gave me "you mean what does Muhammed means" and "who is prophet mohd"
    i wrote "Mohd+meaning" it gave me in wikianswers "Mohd is an abbreviation of the word Mohammad or Muhammad or Mohammed . It is the name of Last Prophet of Muslims"
    and i checked for "a dog which has a big mouth+mohd" all what i got, posted subject the same what you have posted, still nothing i can find that can tells about mohd = a dog..

    Mohd, Always used as shortcut of name of Mohammad..
    maybe it was someones dog, and his dog has a big mouth, and the owner called him mod mod, ppl heard, and make a story, then to net, then bla bla bla.. people can make stories, that's why you need to bring a prove when you say such a thing :)...

    Lanelle Je

    mail me please on