Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Covenant

"Watch your thoughts, they become words/ Watch your words, they become actions/ Watch your actions, they become habits/ Watch your habits, they become character/ Watch your character, they become destiny."/ by unknown writer.


I gave myself only 3 days to repair my pc. Friday, Saturday and Sunday...that's it.
Monday...I had better things to do in life than to find for some cyber worms, that if non-existent, wouldn't affect my living being at all.
Well to tell the truth, I never give up. I still tried to go inside the system registry, what with HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_SOFTWARE_MICROSOFT_WINDOWS_CurrentVersion and the whole gargle.

The Green Gargle of the CyberGangrene!

That's how I feel.

Anyway, I have to challenge myself. What's life without its challenges.
But it's not a winning case here. I managed to nuke some but there are still lots hiding in there.

So, there goes my three days. I lost!

I go the easy way out...REFORMAT.

For the next 48 hours, I did the whole do again.
Prayer time, Yahoo messenger, Internet Explorer 7, Service Pack 2, Norton, Lavasoft...updates and updates.

At the point of writing now, I haven't even done with printer, fax and skype camera drivers.

Maybe later. My blood have gone to every capillaries in my brain. At least with that condition, I can console myself that my brain neutron is still in good working condition.

Do you see that book on top there?
I've been reading it for the past 4 months. Four months. No joke!
It has 1238 pages and at 4 month's reading, I'm only on page 455.

That's an average of 100 pages for 1 month and if my calculation is exact, at this speed, I might finish reading it in 8 month's time.

This book is very engrossing, not a dull moment in history, for those who think...ah, she's reading a boring book.

I have a whole line-up of books to read after 8 months. You see, unlike some people I admired who can read 3-4 books at the same time, I have to finish one book at a time to go to the next.

Just last week, one very good friend who came here about 6-7 years ago, sent me
Travelog Haji by Muhd Kamil Ibrahim and one Rasa magazine from Karangkraf.

Thank you Hanisah Hassan, budi baikmu akanku kenang selagi masih ada hayat.
Those other books will have to wait another 9-10 months before I can even blink at their title.

Ps: I know Prof. Muhd Kamil Ibrahim, used to write comments in his blog 2 years ago when he first started to play in blogger.com but not anymore.
Why don't I write those comments anymore?
The cyber worms took his site away...I reformat

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Virus attack

"Watch your thoughts, they become words/ Watch your words, they become actions/ Watch your actions, they become habits/ Watch your habits, they become character/ Watch your character, they become destiny."/ by unknown writer.


Friday night, I wanted to know the code for embedding MP music, so I searched for the code and out came some sound oooo and ahhhh.
Oh, oh, I knew immediately, some lucah site managed to break down my cover. Habis, that was the only thought that came in mind.
Yes, habis...

I take care of my pc like its my own child. I cover it with high security, on top of that, closed all spams and no pop-up is allowed.
More that that, every page I open I make sure the setting will prompt for cookie permission.
Than, every time I shut down, all cookie and temporary files are destroyed, just in case there are some ugly-ducklings trying to hide in the cookie.
On top of all this, every week, I do spyware and anti-virus scanning and of course not to mention, very top in latest virus updates and spyware.

So, I thought I was very safe. I thought I can gleefully fly all over the cyber world like the Japanese emperor going shopping in town.

Then I hear some ooohhh-ahhhhs.
This bloody lucah site break the spam wall, knock down pop-up protection and slide ever so smoothly in my system registry. Forgive my language...CILAKA betul semua manusia yang buat kerja "lucah" belakang tabir!

Ok, anti-virus screams every now and then for me to clean this pc, I am infected with Worm.Win32.NetSky (maybe from activeX of the lucah site) and Trojan Downloader (this one another big pain in the neck).

Went into system restore and work in safe mode, scan spyware and anti-virus for two rounds and still the worm is inside, can't get rid of it.

Where is it hiding?
In my system registry.
But I can't find the command line for the path to the registry of this worm.

What do I do?
I've spent this whole weekend tickeling and the spring sun is outside, shining ever so welcomingly. Warming my body and inviting me to bath in its light.

ps: Help me, if not I will have to reformat and then again all my links will be gone.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kitty for Sakura haiku

"Watch your thoughts, they become words/ Watch your words, they become actions/ Watch your actions, they become habits/ Watch your habits, they become character/ Watch your character, they become destiny."/ by unknown writer.



SEMUA dijemput untuk menghadiri majlis anjuran myJICA & Kumpulan Karangkraf Sdn Bhd yang akan diadakan seperti berikut:-

Tarikh: 16 Feb 2008 (Sabtu)
Masa: 9 pagi - 5 petang
Tempat: Dewan Ukur, JUPEM. Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur

Acara:9 pagi - 12 tgh: Bengkel Haiku oleh Rudy Bluehikari.

Buku Antologi Haiku 2006 akan diedarkan bersama.

Combining samisen, the traditional instrument with some latest very hi-tech equipment with the Yoshida Brothers. Enjoy!


While I finish up some haiku translations and in the meantime not able to update on blog writing, I would like to encourage some readers to venture into the haiku world.

Here is the deal.

The theme of the haiku will be on sakura,not sakura bloom nor sakura flower, just sakura or sakura mochi or pulut sakura. The haiku can be in B. Melayu or English. This is the sakura season in Okinawa.

You can write as many haiku as you like.
The picture below is sakura mochi or pulut kacang sakura in B. Melayu.

The best haiku will get from me these Kitty products.
a) a hand-set holder
b) traveller's mash pouch

My decision on the winner is final. If there are more than one winning haiku, then each winner will get one Kitty-chan.

Last entry by March 15, 2008.

PS:Members of BashoHut are not advisable to take part.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Darma Mohammad

"Watch your thoughts, they become words/ Watch your words, they become actions/ Watch your actions, they become habits/ Watch your habits, they become character/ Watch your character, they become destiny."/ by unknown writer.


The color of your smiles
painted on the clouds;
slowly drizzled together
with the wind;
soaking my soul.

Darma Mohammad. April 17, 2006

I don't remember how I got to know his blog but the piecework of Smile here is among some of his earliest postings. From that first reading on, I opened his page everyday to breath at his creative writings.
During the era of early postings in his blog, I treasured the moment to be his only commentor, which meant I get his full attention. But with his flowering and come-alive lines, this didn't last long. A couple of months later, he gets around 10 or more commentors on every postings. Then something tragic happened, nine months later, he stopped from blogging. Everyday his fans and avid readers would pester him, thirsty for some sweet cups of words that he smoothly pours, but he still would leave the container dry.

Leaving some very disappointed fans.

He is the quiet, very polite and humbly low-profiled Darma Mohammad (I use his pen name).

I was among those disappointed people, trying to find his words everywhere.
One time, I even thought another person with almost identical name, to be him.
I gathered some of his writings and lines that he dropped all over the cyber world. Accumulating and storing them painstakingly.

Two years passed and from a reliable source, he was one of the earliest people to hold my Haiku Antology book.
That alone is relevant for me. That alone shows his interest in haiku.

A month ago, he let known his feelings of wanting to learn more on the ways of writing a proper haiku.
Salams passed and immediately some of the most beautiful haiku came my way.
I knew from earlier reading that most of his free-style peoms have accent of nature, attention on season and the changing cycle of scenery. Which is the very core subject of writing haiku.
So, it not a surprise to see him going into haiku with ease and smooth-flowing talent.

Yesterday, I received from him two of his books which comes in "7 lapisan tirai". That was a joke and I have to laugh so loud alone.

Di laut ada garam. Batu karang menghisap
bajamu. Embun merayap turun ke bibirmu
menjamah rasa asin. Rumpai laut subur
di atas buaian buih. Laut tetap teguh menghampar
mukanya yang berkedut. Tuhan, kuasa-Mu abadi
tak tercabar. Engkau memberi roh
kepada laut bersama garam. Kau memberi baja
kepada batu karang. Rahmat-Mu Ilahi melesat
dari teras mutiara ke janggut-janggut udang.

Pasir Mas, 1988
Janjang Iktikaf-Darma Mohammad-(izin diluluskan)

Terima kasih sdr Darma Mohammmad.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Niat blog

"Watch your thoughts, they become words/ Watch your words, they become actions/ Watch your actions, they become habits/ Watch your habits, they become character/ Watch your character, they become destiny."/ by unknown writer.


Saya mula menulis di blog ini pada Oct. 7, 2003. Menjadi 5 tahun pada Oct. tahun ini, 2008.
Yang memulakan saya ke dunia blog ini ialah tak lain tak bukan sdr MBA, sekarang Naib Presiden JICA Malaysia.
Niat sdr MBA membukakan blog ini mungkin maukan saya menulis segala pengalaman pulau ini sebab beliau sudah berkursus di Okinawa 2 kali, tahun 1989 dan tahun 1999.
Masa itu tahap bahasa melayu pada diri saya sangat lemah. Saya tidak pandai menulis bahasa melayu dan tidak berapa faham pada pembacaan bahasa melayu.
Saya masih mengikut ejaan lama sebab tidak tahu sistem ejaan melayu telah diubah dalam pertengahan tahun 70 an.
Ejaan menulis entri di blog ini masa permulaan dulu contohnya...

ayer sungei
beneh buloh


masa itu saya rasa sangat bangga dalam keadaan tidak tahu itu.

Alangkah pedih hati, sedikit demi sedikit, saya dapati yang saya telah kehilangan 20 tahun dalam ilmu kesasteraan bahasa melayu.
Kenapa sedikit demi sedikit baru saya tahu?
Sebab orang yang mengajar saya bukan guru tapi kawan kenalan blog ini juga.
Mereka masih bersama saya sekarang...
ucapan terima kasih dan penghargaan pada Sri Diah dan Zareda.

Dalam kekecewaan kelemahan bahasa melayu, adakalanya saya rasa sungguh perit dan malu dan ingin memberhentikan menulis blog.
Tapi dengan berfikir positif, tidak ada untungnya jika saya berhenti menulis.
Saya harus teruskan...

Cara saya menaikkan taraf tulis bahasa melayu sangat mudah..
saya cari tulisan blog yang menulis dengan betul.
Betul dengan susunan ayat, perkataan dan nilai cerita dalam blog.
Saya belajar dari beberapa blog setiap hari.
Mungkin penulis blog itu merasa pelik jika mereka perhatikan stat dan ip saya yang selalu menziarah blog mereka.

Itulah cara saya.

Pada saya orang kaya bahasa, fasih dan lancar dalam beberapa berbahasa, orang begitulah yang saya hormati.
Bukan kekayaannya, bukan pangkat Tuan Terhormat, Datin dan berbagai.
Saya amat tertarik dengan orang yang pandai berbahasa, tak kiralah bahasa itu.

Saya tidak berani membuat nilaian dan tafsiran pada keadaan bahasa melayu yang bertukar-tukar di Malaysia sekarang.
Itu satu topik yang amat sensitif.

Saya tidak mau blog ini menjadi tempat kontroversi. Sebenarnya jika ada topik kontroversi, mesti stat pembaca naik, tapi itu bukan niat saya menulis blog. Bukan niat saya mencapai sehari 500 atau 1000 pembaca.

Saya mau tidur dengan lena setiap malam, saya maukan aman batin, saya tidak mau berbalah dengan orang dalam blog sebab mungkin apabila berjumpa dan bersemuka, mereka itu orang bersopan santun.
Tidakkah terasa membazir jika kenangan pembalahan itu menghalang persahabatan di luar alam siber?

Saya sangat bangga dengan kemajuan yang telah dicapai dalam memperbaiki diri menaikkan taraf bahasa melayu, walaupun langkah itu hanya satu atau dua anak tangga tapi itu satu kemajuaan bagi saya.

Saya harap orang melayu berusahalah apa cara sekali pun memajukan bahasa sendiri.