Sunday, May 13, 2012

Topee for mothers.

I was looking around for some summer casuals today, then from afar I saw this hat. Those that I have now are mostly dark colors. Japanese friends said dark colors throw off the ultra-violet rays. Seems like this is the last piece on the stand.

I tried it on. Deep and circumference is just nice for my head. The design is dainty and most of all, it is light green. My car is also green. It fits very handsomely on my crown.
Told the cashier to cut of the tag from my head.

While walking out of the shopping mall, I saw lots of primary school children, walking home holding flowers. Must be because it is Mother's Day today.
There is this little scene I saw, felt touched with it.
Two children, maybe six and eight years old, looks like siblings. The older girl was holding flowers, gift wrapped while her brother was counting coins.
Seems like they wanted to buy popcorn on top of the flowers and the boy repeatedly count the coins.
I think they they don't have enough coins, but the way the boy kept counting the coins, it's almost like he felt the more he counted, the money might eventually be enough.
The sister kept on saying, the coins are not enough but the boy ignored her and continue counting.

I really would like to know their mother and tell her how much that little boy of hers wanted to give her something for this day but failed to do so. I would like to tell her, how her children appreciate her and wanted her to feel their love for her.
Hopefully this little boy would remember this moment all his life.

Hey, Mother's Day is not just one day in the year. The best gift for her everyday is your kind words. That's all she wants from you.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Living in Wales

This is Croesyceiliog Comprehensive School [say as crow-she-kai-liok]. I know, Wales words admittedly are not easy to imitate. I am feeling homesick of Wales. Alex Watts was a small boy of about 7or 8 when we left our house in Worcester Close at Llanyravon, he showed a picture of his back garden yesterday with huge, rolling hills. Then, I feel so longing for this place again.
This huge school field was just behind our house. My children used to ride bikes and kick around there with other local friends. That building in the foreground is actually a school, a secondary school.
Once I attended a night class in that school. I remember the class was Hand Language for the listening-handicapped.
Initially the early part of the course, I went with a friend Sally Llewellyn, but Sally had to do some evening duties at work. I truly dread those times when I had to go alone. Trust me the night in Wales are really early in autumn and winter.
To tell the truth, I didn't finish the class. I was not brave enough to walk across that field but there is another path as well. Saying that, I had to go through some woods when I walked across that other path. I just feel something would jump out from behind those trees, I would run all the way out of the woods until I reached the first house along the road.
I couldn't take this running, the stress took its toll on my small heart. So I dropped the class. It is so much easier to live when I let go whatever or whoever that becomes a cause of anger, fright or stress in my live [this do not include family members].
It is just not worth it.

Series on a Part of my Life. Living in Wales.
Image: Courtesy of Google.


Thursday, May 03, 2012


No meat products here. Only seafood. But still the food are not to be eaten.
Most restaurants in Japan show off their culinary specialty like this.
You look from the glass window first. If your mouth waters, you better not rush ini *remember the song said "only fools rush ini".
Second, check the price. Then again, if your mouth is still flooded with salivating liquid and your pocket sounds lots of kacing, kacing, go ahead and spread the noren on the door *noren is the half-way curtain that force your body to bend when you enter the establishment*.
Once inside, even without looking at the menu *sometimes there is no menu*, you just said the dish that comes with the arty food or if you are still illiterate in Japanese you just mention the numbers but if there is no number, you go with the sweet girl to the glass window and like a parrot, knock you head on the hard glass.

OK, I have two more weeks to finish up something. To kill the protagonist or to let him live.
This is the part I enjoy with writing, I feel like smaller god (of course there are no such branding). I can create or kill anybody in my own world.