Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Autumn moon

Tak ada duit pun tak pe, miskin pun tak pe, tak makan pun tak pe, asalkan bahagia.

Hidup seorang pun tak pe, tak de pasangan pun tak pe, boring pun tak pe, asalkan bahagia.

Hati sakit pun tak pe, air mata meleleh pun tak pe, esok bahagia juga (bacalah kad-kad di video ini).

Inilah tema baru catchy yang popular kat Jepun sekarang yang NHK hebohkan.
Belakang tema ini menasihatkan supaya kita bersabar dengan segala ujian yang menimpa
diri...eenen (sebut: eh neng)

Esok kita masuk ramadhan 14-15 atau nuzul Al-quran.
Juga untuk orang Jepun, dalam setahun bulan yang paling cantik berseri mengambang ialah bulan September atau bulan autumn.
Autumn moon ialah musim segala kerja tanaman diselesaikan. Padi, jagung, gandum, soba antara tanaman yang disediakan untuk menanti hari bersalji selepas autumn ini.

Kira autumn moon untuk mereka berehat dan menikmati segala rezeki dalam tahun ini.

Kalau berkesempatan, dongaklah ke langit dan tenungkanlah kecantikkan Allah bila melihat autumn moon esok dan jangan lupa ucapkan subhanaAllah sambil memuji Kebesaran Allah Maha Pencipta alam ini.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Flora on Mt. Fuji

This is the scenery looking down as I climbed up. Its between the 6th station towards the 7th station. The vegetation in the lower reaches are still rather thick and green. But this greenery will change to somewhat sparsely as we climbed higher.

This is a kind of flowering creepers. It just creeps on the volcanic stones of the mountain. I don't think it needs lot of water as I don't see any stream running anywhere around Mt. Fuji.

Another small flowering shrubs with yellow, cotton-shaped flower. I haven't seen this shrub on lower land before and I assumed this is some kind of mountain flower.

I love purple on any flower and this bell-shaped purple blossom attracted my camera lens. I found this bell blossom on the middle portion of the mountain and looking at it, I felt really humble. This purple blossom is growing at a higher altitude than most other vegetation but it looked down, maintaining its humble image.
How I wish people would take its character, as they go higher the working rank, just continue being humble like this purple blossom. The colour purple was most attractive but very simple, just like a beautiful bell, from afar against the dark volcanic ashes.

This is another ikebana in the making on the higher reaches of the mountain. The orangey-pink blossom was in sharp contrast to the black volcanic ash and stones but because of this contrast it brought out the best of the orangey-pink shade.
Again, I assumed this must be some special flora for high altitude area as I've never seen it on lower grounds before.

To end it all, subhanaAllah, to the Creator of the universe for such beauty on earth.

Footnote: Please don't take my photos, if you want them, I suggest you climb your own mountain...ouch!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Rezeki Ramadhan

Kadang-kadang saya rasa satu penantian itu sangat menguji kesabaran saya sebagai manusia biasa. Bagaimana saya usahakan, bagaimana saya percepatkan usaha itu dan selepasnya usaha itu tidak menjadi seperti yang dijangka dalam jadual masa yang dikehendaki.

Tapi hanya pengalaman, usia yang meningkat akan mengajar. Masa muda-muda dulu perkara begini kerapkali membawa pada kecemasan atau tekanan.

Tidak lagi...sekarang saya sabar...saya sanggup tunggu.
Pengalaman membuka mata hati ini...kalau direzekikan Allah ia tetap dikabulkan-Nya, tidak kemana jua.

Nah...terbukti kesabaran selama ini. Rezeki hari pertama ramadhan ini...membawa senyuman dari telinga ke telinga sambil saya mengucap alhamdulillah beberapa kali.

Ini mesej dari salah seorang penulis buku antologi, yang sudah masuk proses percetakan...

sdr jahrera... good news! I managed to get our Ipoh city (Mayor-Datuk Bandar) to write a foreword for our haiku (antologi book), so coincidentally Ipoh and Fukuoka are twin cities, so he agreed! mission accomplised at last...

Sedang buku ini dalam proses cetakan sekarang, persiapan mengumpul karya tanka (puisi Jepun dalam bahasa melayu) berjalan dengan ligatnya untuk buku antologi tanka pula.

Sesiapa yang berminat untuk mencuba menghasilkan tanka dan mungkin karya anda juga akan dimasukkan dalam koleksi antologi tanka, sila lihat link yang tertulis di sini.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Handphone, Cellphone, cellular phone, handset, ketai, whatever...
semua orang ada, yang tak ada hanya orang yang tinggal di bilik tahanan di Jepun.

Lagi pun bukannya mahal untuk satu set baru di Jepun. Yang tercanggih, terbaru, terlatest pun sama harga dengan sebiji vacuum cleaner.
Harga pembayaran talian pun sudah dikurangkan. Berbagai offer untuk menarik pembeli.
Ada famili diskaun, ada husband-wife diskaun, ada sweet-talk diskaun whatever...

Sekarang pula tak perlu ada talian internet atau pasokom (pc) kat rumah. Ketai pun dah boleh jadi pasokom. Tak perlu digi-kame (digital kamera) lagi, ketai pun dah boleh jadi digi-kame.


tak punya handphone, cellphone, cellular phone, handset, ketai, whatever...

Ada dua tiga musim, beli dua tiga set...buang...(beli talian dapat set percuma)


tak punya handphone, cellphone, cellular phone, handset, ketai, whatever...

Nah, jangan tercengang lama-lama sangat!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Descending FujiSan-Aug.24, 2007

We couldn't catch the rising sun as the fog was too thick and the winds at 3c was too cold to stay too long. We we allowed to rest for half an hour at a resting hut and then were chased out to make way for new climbers who just reached the summit to rest. When we were out of the resting hut, there was not much to see except to go round the volcano crater. One walk round the crate will take about 90mins. Some of the people in the group went to the edge of the crater to have photos taken and then we started our descend down the slope.
After the excitement of reaching the summit, I didn't make doa when descending, totally forgotten. Like Ali Baba's brother who asked for the password to enter the treasure cave but forgot to ask for the password out of it.

It was just gravel, small stones, black volcanic ash that buried my angle every step I took. Some of the slopes were very sharp-downhill and I felt all the gravity going to my two big toes. The two toes were pressed hard on the shoes and every steps were gruelling all the way.
Initially, I tried the zig-zag walk, as, if I walked straight down, I would just dropped on my back.
We started to descend at 8.15am and the group leader instructed us to reach ground level by 10.30am (about 2 hours).
Let me tell you the time I reached ground level...3.30pm! That was like 8 hours away from the initial time plan.

About 2 hours, half way down the slope, I was too tired to progress further. Then, two guys helped to drag me by having me hanging on the side of each of their arms.
Eventhough I was dragged by two strong arms, I still have to stop every 20 steps because my feet were killing me.
I kept thinking of the time, that I have to reach ground level by noon, the latest, as instructed by one of the guys in the group.

By noon, I was making doa for Allah to take my life, make me dropped death there. I cannot move anymore steps.
There was this kind Japanese lady, who saw me being dragged like death hippo, stopped me and applied some muscles pain-killer on both my legs. That helped a lot with my legs but my two toes were already purple in colour. Lots of water-bags developed around my sole. The arch at my two feet were screaming with pain every steps I took. I just cannot go on anymore, I knew I cannot go on but I tried just to be in time for the group.

Then, almost ground level, when the black gravel and volcanic ash changed into black, hard hillslope...I told the group to go and leave me to walk alone.
The guys in the group were kind enough to drag me, that is more than enough for me and I already delayed their schedule.

I cannot forget these guys, sdr azhar, sdr muzaffar, sdr kahar, sdr zamri and among the cutest of them sdr firdaus, only Allah will repay your kindness.

Anyway, they have to leave me and make their way back to where we kept our luggage.
From here on, I walked myself...alone. Even this took another one and a half hour for me.
Then at last, I reached the end of the decending trails and saw 4 people of the group waiting for a taxi back to Kawaguchiko station.

It seemed we ended at Seikansou Hut at Izumigataki trail, while we were supposed to finish at the original 5th station.
There were some confusion when some people landed at the 5th station and some at Izumigataki hut. So, we were separated on different trail while decending.
I reached the group in time to take a taxi back to Kawaguchiko station together with them. There was no bus transport from Izumigataki descend trail.

Once, I let myself out of the taxi, I was flat on the pavement of the roads. It seemed my knee was jammed. I couldn't managed to stand on my two knees anymore.
I told Norhayati that I couldn't make it with them to Shinjuku and left word for her that I would stay longer at Kawaguchiko station.

I walked slowly and crossed the nearest road and enter a hotel. They don't have rooms anymore but they still have one bed left. I booked the bed and found out that it was a shared room with other ladies and men as well.
Oh...what can I do, I need to keep aurat but I was about to collapse anytime, so I just took the bed. Have a little sandwich and a hot Japanese public bath in the hotel and slept like rock.
I have to check out of the hotel the next day but then again a kind Japanese lady travelling there, spoke to me. She knew I was in utmost pain because she ever experienced the climb before and she took me in her room.
I stayed with her for 3D/2N, she bought for me muscle pain-killers and food for all the time I stayed with her.

Good thing, there were internet port on every floor of the hotel. I managed to send messages to all my friends and family by the internet. That I was still alive. I left my phone book in the main luggage bag back in Shibuya. I was glad for the internet line or else I wouldn't have any means to let the outside world knew my existent.
I was only moving while eating, taking the hot public bath and doing the internet. Other than that, I slept for all the 3D/2N while alone in the room. The lady friend that helped me was busy doing her sight-seeing and left me alone in the room all the time.
But she brought for me breakfast and dinner everday.

I only have to thank Allah for making stranger have mercy on me, to help me while I was suffering every inch of my bones and muscles.
The lady friend, Akiko, helped to book my bus trip back and assisted me all the way till Shinjuku.
But we didn't separate in Shinjuku...

At last after returning to Okinawa, my beautiful home, one week today...I managed to update on this entry.
The kind lady who helped me, Akiko, came to Okinawa to see me. She was here for about 3 days. Since she still have the summer holidays, she take the chance of meeting me at Kawaguchiko to meet me in Okinawa again.
I really appreciate all her help while in pain and with great love for her, I showed her around the island.
SubhanaAllah, alhamdullilah to Akiko, the climbers from Malaysia and to all other friends who have been kind to me.