Monday, May 31, 2010

Sashiki no Yu

Sashiki no Yu is a big public bath-house facing the Pacific Ocean. You can see this beautiful scene from the new banner I put up.
I go to this bath-house every week. Each time taking about 3 hours in the hot water and thereafter relaxing there till dark.
This is my escape hide-out. I've made some friends there. These friends do not recognize me with my full clothes on, which is an advantage (like the entry below, taking me as a famous actress, whatever!)
Without my glasses, I am half-blind. So I hardly see much "reality" while enjoying myself.
Also, inspiration for my writings bubble up from the hot water.
For those who visit me, I will pull you along this bath-house as well. So get ready for the open show.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Aku bukan Okama!

Mikawa Kenichi

Lepas ambo keluar dari dewan mandi, ambo menghala terus ke Relax Room. Dalam kamar ini, kami boleh baring-baring berlama-lamaan. Ada kerusi malas yang boleh direbahkan menjadi pangkin tidur.

Dua orang empuan dalam 60 tahun, menoleh ke arah ambo.
Seorang berkata, "Ingatkan engkau Mikawa Kenichi!"

Kening ambo terjungkit! Apa engkau ingat aku ini pondan ke?
Dengan menguatkan suara, ambo kata, "Kan kita dah mandi bersama, apa pulak aku ini Mikawa Keninchi!"
Nada ambo serius.

"Pakaian engkau macam Mikawa!" sorang lagi tambah.
Dahlah, malas betul ambo melayan orang-orang Jepun!

Salah seorang watak dalam novel Pulut sakura serunding kasih, ambo jadikan dengan meniru gaya Mikawa Kenichi.

Sebenarnya Mikawa lelaki tulen (setakat mana ketulenan, ambo belum pasti hehe), pada awal dia meneroka dunia hiburan. Tapi semuanya bertukar apabila kedudukannya dalam carta hiburan naik melambung setelah dia beraksi dengan pakaian perempuan, dia terus kekalkan gaya perempuan dan menampilkan pakaian seksi hingga mutakhir ini. Tapi orang kata (orang yang kata bukan ambo!), dia masih lelaki tulen.

Tak kisahlah apa Mikawa Kenichi buat tapi suka-suka kata ambo ini pondan macam Mikawa, itu sudah melampau!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Health/Erimo Misaki

Erimo Misaki

One of my sister-in-laws is obese or over-weight. Recently I saw her and noticed she has greatly reduced her size. I commented on this to her and she said she has to reduce her weight as she is going along with the government. The government, I questioned back, why the government?
She said the government is following her progress. Every couple of weeks, health officers called her and take note of her weight. If her weight does not improve, she would have to come for the training, two or three times a week. She doesn't want to be at the training center, so she is doing the dieting seriously.

Another friend's husband was a heavy drinker. The yearly check-up found him to suffer from diabetes. This man is healthy but he was warded for two months. While in hospital for two months, he was fed with calories-counting meals and did a tight training to reduce his weight.
After that two months, the diabetes problem disappeared and he's weight went down 12kg.
He was given a warning. If the diabetes come back, he would be hospitalized again. Oh no, he will not go into that torture chamber again and watch his weight carefully thereafter and of course the drinking is out.

Last year, my husband waist-line was 98 cm. The hospital grouped him as having the metabolic syndrome. He must reduced it to 85 cm. Now, he is at 90cm and still trying.

One of my haiku friends had blood pressure reading at 145/85. Over 140/80 is a bad warning in Japan.
So, this friend now have to do training 3 times a week to bring that pressure down. She is monitored. She is given a health card and writes down everything she eats and the hours she work-out.

Touch life if you are obese, diabetic and suffering from high-blood pressure in Japan.

The video above is my collection (actually for me to practice karaoke). Hubby asked me why I put up such difficult song.
Well, this is my blog and I put up the songs that I like/fancy. People out there can put up whatever songs they like on their own blog. Excuse me!

北の街ではう 悲しみを暖炉で
kitano machi dewa mou kanashimi o danrode
moyashi hajimeteru rashii
理由のわからないことで 悩んでいるうち
wakeno wakaranai kotode nayande iru uchi
oiborete shimau kara
默りとおした 歳月を
damari toushita toshi tsuki o
ひろい集めて 暖めあおう
hiroi atsumete atatame aou
襟裳の春は 何もない春です
erimono haru wa nanimo nai haru desu

君は二杯目だよね コーヒーカシプに
kimi wa nihai me dayo ne ko-hi (Coffee) kappu (Cup) ni
kakuzatouo hitotsu datta ne
捨てて来てしまった わずらわしさだけを
sutete kite shimatta wazurawashisa dake o
kurukuru kakimawashite
通りすぎた 夏の匂い
toori sugita natsu no nioi
想い出して 懐かしいね
omoidashite natsukashi ne
襟裳の春は 何もない春です
erimono haruwa nanimo nai haru desu

日々の暮しはいやでも やってくるけど
hibi no kurashi wa iya demo yatte kuru kedo
shizukani waratte shimaou
いじけることだけが 生きることだと
ijikeru koto dake ga ikiru koto dato
kainarashi sugita node
身構えながら 話すなんて
migamae nagara hanasu nan te
ああおくびょう なんだよね
aa okubyou nan dayo ne

襟裳の春は 何もない春です
erimono haru wa nanimo nai haru desu
寒い友だちが 訪ねてきたよ
samui tomodachi ga tazunete kita yo
遠慮はいらないから 暖まってゆきなよ
enryowa iranai kara atatamatte yukina yo


Friday, May 14, 2010

Lobak putih

Credit : google

Parut lobak putih

Tenpura, sukiyaki, tendon, udon, sushi, sashimi...I called these food as business food. Those are food you get any any Japanese restaurant all over the world. Those food do not represent the daily menu of any normal Japanese people.
You will be surprised normal Japanese only take tenpura and sukiyaki like a year twice! Yes, those are business food served to people in shops only.
Even when you do a home stay, the host family served those food listed. Mainly because these food are so familiar to non-Japanese.

Japanese dishes at home mostly make up of rice and soup (mostly vegetable).
Then the main dish comes in fish or meat follows by a vegetable dish with an additional salad on the side.
Like the photo on my dining table.

We love to have daikon or white radish. I simply grate the radish julienne, mixed some salmon flakes and pour over some shoyu with a squeeze of lime. That's it.
Maybe the nearest to Malaysian dish is kerabu lobak. Raw radish.

A humble root vegetable with lots of healthy ingredient in it.


Monday, May 10, 2010



If time allows, I would love to translate this lyric, so I can share the feelings of this song with you. But I am swallowed with some tasks.


Thursday, May 06, 2010

Barking dog!

Hatoyama backpedaled on his promises to Okinawa people. His election pledge of closing the Futenma Military Base and reducing the military functions of the American Bases on Okinawa Island is just like a barking dog. You throw stone the dog barks, you don't throw stone, the dog still barks.

Hatoyama is that barking dog.

The magma of Okinawa people is about to overflow. How long can Okinawa people take this barking dog?