Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life Path

courtesy of Google-Mt.Fuji

Today is the last day of the year for climbers to struggle up Mt. Fuji. The mountain is closed from tomorrow until July next year, when it will be opened again for climbers. Once a year from July till August, everybody can try to climb this mountain. July/August this year, a record 280,000 people tried to climb to the summit. But whether these 280,000 succeed to the summit is not in the record.
I've done my share of climbing of Mt. Fuji and successfully reached the summit. But if you ask me, do I want to climb again...my right heart says YES but my left heart says NO (anyway, you figure out the left and right).
I can see the path to the top at the beginning of the climb. Its there! All laid out!

I, also have my path laid out at the beginning of my life journey. I wanted to become the most powerful, influential women of a huge, international organization. I want people to jump at the click of my fingers, I want drivers to open and close doors for me, I want different meals serve everyday.
I was willing to work hard and climb this path to reach the top. That was my plan, that was my goal.

But no...it did not turn up that way!

Now, I am sitting in my house, thinking my of two girls having successful careers climbing up the mountain path.
Now, I am sitting at home, washing dishes everyday.
Now, I am sitting in front of this laptop, knocking the keyboard.
Now, I write everyday.
Somehow, somewhere I must have took a different turning...!!!

But my right heart say YOU'VE DONE IT, GIRL and my left heart says I'M OK!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer High Sch Baseball

All-Japan High Sch Baseball: Konan High Okinawa won the spring tournament this year but not only that, two days ago they won the summer tournament as well. This only happened to 5 schools in Japan so far in history. So winning the Spring and Summer Tournament put a permanent mark for Konan High in the history of high school baseball tournament of Japan.
Airline companies have to put up extra flights to load parents and supporters to Koshien Stadium from Okinawa. In the summer heat that burnt the air at 35c, those children played and those supporters from Okinawa cheered.
At the end of the game, the lost team cried for disappointing their fans but Konan team cried as well.
Tears of happiness.
This is the only way for the Okinawa people to tell the mainland Japanese folks that with their combined strength and spirit, no obstacles will get in their way.
If you looked into the history of Okinawa Islands and its people, bulling, neglecting, undermining, abandoning and mistreating were and still are common practice within the political parties on mainland Japan with Okinawa people.

Thank you Konan Baseball team for making the people on the island proud again.

興南高校 お手柄でしたね!

Yes, we can do it!
Look, we've done it!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Word Processor

I had a word processor just like this before. Can't remember where I stashed it. Before this, my father lend me an Olivetti. Those typewriters that used two-coloured ribbon. Black on top and red at the bottom. I used to write resume after I left school with Olivetti and you should hear the sound in the middle of the night.
My father used to nag about the noise but I have to send the letter out the next day!
Anyway, when I have babies, I did not read nor write. Those 15 blissful years, or is it blissful?
Anyway, I started to write again but Olivetti was not with me. So I got myself a Brother Word Processor.
I used it for about 3 years and then came the Microsoft words. Out goes the Brother WP.
Why am I talking about past years junks?

Because right now I need that junk. I need that Brother WP.
Tell me how to type a virtual document on the computer. That document is like boxes that you have to fill up.
So, I still need that Brother WP.

Why don't your just write?

Nay, my hand gets nervous when writing important documens from the government. I cannot avoid some misspelled words and such.

Oh, give me my Brother WP!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Ramadan 1431

Many happy Ramadan days and beautiful Qiamullail holy nights to all my fans, friends and children and relatives all over the world.

Ah, comes Ramadan
Drip of Ar-Rahmah nourish
all the fasting souls.


Monday, August 09, 2010

Pucuk Ubi

Tapioca Plant

This is the tapioca plant I found in Uehara farm. I made a dish from it. I fried the fish first with tumeric (fresh from the sea-any fish wil do).
Two thinly-sliced lemon grass with slices of tumeric leaves. In a pot of coconut milk, pound some slices of red chillies and throw all the slices herb together with a handful of boiled tapioca shoot (slice as well).
Boil all of these, some salt for taste.
That's it.
This dish is called gulai lemak pucuk ubi (but I add the fish and the lemon grass with tumeric leave),

Tapioca shoot dish

Hijrah ke pulau
Memetik pucuk ubi