Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kata Penerbit.

Majalah Pendidik

Terima kasih kepada puan Leyla Shuri juga kerana sudi menghantar karya kepada pihak KarnaDya... :)

Ya Puan Leyla Shuri... pihak kami memang ada menghantar buku-buku terbitan kami untuk diiklankan dalam Majalah Pendidik. Dan untuk makluman puan, hanya 4 bab pertama sahaja disiarkan di dalam majalah tersebut. Kepada yang berminat untuk mendapatkan novel Pulut Sakura Serunding Kasih, boleh dapatkan secara online di Ataupun datang sahaja ke premis kami yang terletak di Puchong untuk mendapatkan diskaun sebanyak 45%... Tunggu apa lagi? :)


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Perjalanan novel Pulut Sakura Serunding Kasih

Majalah Pendidik

Seorang sahabat (pendidik) dalam Facebook berkongsi photo ini ketika dia melihat-lihat bilik perpustakaan di sekolahnya.

Mengguna ayatnya "Majalah pendidik. Untuk guru. Keluaran april & Mei 2010."

Baru hari ini saya tahu. Tak sangka novel saya menjadi bahan rujuk untuk majalah ini.


Monday, September 19, 2011

The Translator's knife.

Translated version

I don't believe not knowing a certain language would prevent us from acquiring knowledge or would stop anybody from the enjoyment of reading itself.
The market in Japan for foreign books are overflowing but these books are not in their original version. All have gone through the translator's pens and savored under the translator's skill.

Pictures are some sample of foreign books (English) translated into the Japanese language. Japanese people are readers by nature and they translate many foreign literary works (any foreign languages) into their language.
Those books in the picture are motivational sort.
By Dr. Wayne W. Dyer:
-Real Magic-Creating miracles in everyday life.
-You'll see it when you believer it.
-Pulling your own strings.
-Your erroneous zones (not sexual at all).

Also by author Thomas J. Leonard: The Portable Coach.

The rest amongst them are written by Japanese writers.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

If tomorrow never comes.

This poem was translated in Japanese in 2007. This translated version becomes a best-seller after the Tohoko Earthquake on March 11, 2011.

If tomorrow Never Comes
-- By Norma Marek (used with permission)

If I knew it would be the last time that I'd see you fall asleep,
I would tuck you in more tightly, and pray the Lord your soul to keep.

If I knew it would be the last time that I'd see you walk out the door,
I would give you a hug and kiss, and call you back for just one more.

If I knew it would be the last time I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise,
I would tape each word and action, and play them back throughout my days.

If I knew it would be the last time, I would spare an extra minute or two,
To stop and say "I love you," instead of assuming you know I do.
So, just in case tomorrow never comes, and today is all I get,
I'd like to say how much I love you, and I hope we never will forget.
Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, young or old alike,
And today may be the last chance you get to hold your loved one tight.

So, if you're waiting for tomorrow, why not do it today?
For if tomorrow never comes, you'll surely regret the day
That you didn't take that extra time for a smile, a hug, or a kiss,
And you were too busy to grant someone, what turned out to be their one last wish.

So hold your loved ones close today, and whisper in their ear,
That you love them very much, and you'll always hold them dear.
Take time to say "I'm sorry," "Please forgive me," "thank you" or "it's okay".

And if tomorrow never comes, you'll have no regrets about today.

© Norma Cornett Marek 1989


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Berakar di langit


Daun-daun membuka tubuh
melebarkan saraf ke kulit embun
mencicip hidayah.

Pencari warna memintal dakwat
melakar makna urat-urat bunga
renik-renik lawamah.

Dalam kelongsong pucuk pisang
kelawar mencari hangat dinihari
melabuh tasbih.

Kupu-kupu menampal kepak
kurik segantang bunga-bunga
percikan zikrullah.

Penyair seranjung rabung hayat
mencari bindu pelarik kata
cinta mutmainah.

Pasir Mas, 2011.

Siaran Berita Minggu, 4 September 2011.


Thursday, September 08, 2011

Dewi Fujin

Dewi Sukarno (Tokyo, 1940 - )
One of the most outspoken, and for many people probably one of the most hated, celebrities on Japanese TV is Dewi Sukarno. Usually referred to as Dewi Fujin (Madame Dewi), she can always be relied on to add a juicy bit of snootiness or slander to a variety show. The Japanese equivalent of Jacqueline Kennedy or Imelda Marcos, she's a vibrant and opinionated woman who has been at the side of a world leader, knows everyone worth knowing, and loves to tell you about it. In her own words, "I speak too directly. I can't speak diplomatically. I think people are afraid of what I am going to say."

Born Naoko Nemoto, she was working days in an insurance company and nights as a hostess at the Kokusai Club in Akasaka, a place for foreign VIPs. It was there that a fateful meeting with a powerful world leader changed her life. In 1959, at the tender age of 19, she left Japan to become the third of the nine wives of Achmed Sukarno, the president of The Republic of Indonesia. Her full married name was Ratna Sari Dewi Sukarno and the couple had a daughter, Kartika. Sukarno was ousted from power in 1967 and placed under house arrest the following year, where he remained until his death in 1970. After her husband's death Dewi became an international jet setter, living in Paris and New York before returning to Tokyo. She describes her time in Paris, with her usual modesty, "I was young, beautiful, I had a name, a certain wealth. People were so eager to invite me here and there."

In 1993, at the ripe old age of 53 she published a book of photos, many of them nude. The book was slammed in the mostly Islamic Indonesia for "violating eastern norms and insulting Indonesia's dignity" and was banned by the Attorney-General's office. Several years later, an Indonesian magazine published some photos from the book without permission. In 2002, Dewi testified in a Jakarta court in the property rights violation case. This was just one of several court appearances, on both sides of the dock. Most recently, she was ordered to pay damages to an actress she had defamed to the media.

She has certainly capitalized on her outspokeness. She has published several books, with titles such as "Allow Me to Say a Few Things" (2000), that slam Japan's lack of morals. She also has no qualms about criticizing fellow celebrities, something that is pretty much taboo. Her age and perceived social rank have afforded her a kind of special status that allows her to get away with things that not many others in the business can.

Though she may have been above the law in her heyday in Indonesia, this is not the case any more. In 2002, the Tokyo tax authorities ordered her to pay 50 milion yen in back taxes. Her public response was that she left the running of her considerable business interests to her office. I guess it's not easy to make ends meet when you have seven staff to support!



Thursday, September 01, 2011

Eid Mubarak 2011

Eid 2011-Aug.

Wishing all my Muslim friends and readers, "A victorious Eid Mubarak!" Celebrate it with joy and not to forget those who are suffering in another part of the world.

Every year, Eid sees different faces in my house. I figure it is the best thing to do. Just put up those faces and look over to trace the memory.
Eid this year sees many political turmoil, dying people, suffering people, hungry people but best of all justice is done when Gaddafi cruel regime has fallen.

Back to my personal business. I created a strict daily regime for the fasting month of Ramadan. I am going through my third draft and I want to be consistent in writing. One page a day is consistent enough for me. That may not be for writers who can sit down and write like their words flows from spring water gushing out of its hole. But I am not like those writers.
But I just find out that writing gives me inner peace. I was a "killer" reader during my younger days. Now I had the advantage of picking up all those that I read before to try on some design in writing style.
Anyway, much as I tried to take care of my health and time, there is an incident which caused a bit of a discomfort for me.
I have a habit of writing for long hours and becomes immovable. During one of these writing moments, I made a sudden move from my seat and bang. There is this tight squeeze on my bum. For the next couple of weeks. I was like waking double bend which reminds me of those 100 years old women walking to buy grocery on Japanese pavement.
Anyway, I went on a self-therapy. I dipped myself hours in the hot pool, go into boiling sauna rooms, paste the hot pad on the aching part and sleep with the stomach corset on. But, no pain-killer for me. No. No. For as long as I can take it and as long as I am able to take the pain, do not show me the paracetamol.
Anyway, on Eid Fitri what with the cooking and cleaning (which I think is the most minimal I had), my back beg of sympathy again.
After the crowd left, I was back on self-therapy, begging my hip to be good to me.
The consolation has some good impact.

Now, I am back to my strict routine again.