Sunday, April 18, 2010

Haiku in space

Wikipedia-Naoko Yamazaki

On April 5th, 2010,Yamazaki entered space on the shuttle Discovery as part of mission STS-131. She is expected to return to Earth on April 18th, 2010. She is a JAXA astronaut, and the second Japanese woman to qualify as an astronaut. The first was Chiaki Mukai.

She sent this haiku from space to earth.

瑠璃色の 地球も花も 宇宙の子

Ruri iro no chikyu mo hana mo uchiyu no ko

Alam semesta
bumi dan bunga juga
warna lazuardi

Universal child
The earth and the flowers too
In azure color


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hisashi Inoue (Sasterawan), The man of Literature

Inoue Hisashi

"The world of imagination is my reality", says Hisashi Inoue who passed away Friday evening 9th April, 2010 at age 75 of lung cancer.
His famous peom, which is quite easy to remember.

難しいことをやさしいく、Difficult things do it easy
やさしいことを深く、Easy things do it deep
深いことを愉快に、Deep things do it enjoyable
愉快なことをまじめに Enjoyable things do it serious.

Muzukashii koto o yasashiku
Yasashii koto o fukaku
Fukai koto o yukai ni
Yukai na koto o majime ni.

None of the works of this literary man in Japan is ever translated yet. He is well-known in Japan for his novels, novelette, short stories and TV script.
He has 56 books under his name which has sold 12 million copies, making him the most successful writer in the world today.

"His most celebrated book, Kirikirijin (People of Kirikiri), is an 834-page comic novel about an imaginary hill town in northern Japan that secedes from the rest of the nation. More than 850,000 copies have been sold in two years.

(Read more:,9171,921346,00.html#ixzz0kz6lQ7tP)

But he laments, 85% of his income passed under his nose as taxes. Last year, he earned US$542,000 from his writings.
"Some people offer as much as a million yen ($4,200) for an hour-long lecture. You can even get away with a talk about what you did yesterday. I refuse any such request. To me it is corruption."

(Read more:,9171,921346,00.html#ixzz0kyqfG6SV).


Sunday, April 11, 2010

PSSK dalam Akhbar Siasah

Salinan ulasan ini ada dicatatkan semula, sila ketik pada ikon "Book review" di sebelah kanan.

Ulasan buku catatan Sdr Darma Mohammad telah disiarkan di akbar Siasah.

Bil 0194 4-10 April 2010


Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Namida-Funky Monkey Babys

This is the season of starting everything new in Japan. New job, new workplace, new school and new friends.
Some people have to live away from families to start that new life. Moving to a university away from home or making it new as freshman.
This video shows a little of that life. A fresh girl just starting her career, moving to a new apartment leaving behind someone she loved.
As the youngest and latest addition to the company "salaryman or office lady", she is ignored. That is the test of life.
This song is touching. So touching, I wish you guys can understand. See the tears.


Monday, April 05, 2010

Eikou no Kakehashi-Yuzu

I don't show my tears when I cry...(a line in this song).