Friday, July 31, 2009

The making of umeboshi-tyme

Please read this page first, then I will tell you how I make umeboshi.

PS: ayuk, since you mention it, insert yr email add. in the comment box (will not publish).

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tatkala tahi gigi kering...

Ini Ai Miyazato. Anak tulin Okinawa. Dia menang Pertandingan Wanita Golf Evian Masters semalam. Yang peliknya Otto. Tak habis-habis dia menatap permainan budak ini (sama umur anak sulung). Dari satu berita sehingga berita lain. Berita yang sama diulang-ulang. Pelik betul. Punyalah Otto dan umat Okinawa yang lain berbangga! Pengumuman di radio beri ucapan tahniah. Berita tempatan di televisyen pun beri ucapan tahniah.
Lagi satu, budak Ai ini berasal dari kampung Higashi-son. Wah, bukan main gembira ria betul orang-orang kampung dia. Nenek dan datuk tua yang dah kerepot umur 70, 80, 90 joget-joget beramai-ramai. Berpimpin tangan, berpusing-pusing kesukaan.
Mendapat tempat pertama, budak Ai ini dapat bawa balik seguni duit sebanyak US$487,500.
Datuk bandar Higashi-son tersenyum sampai kekeringan tahi gigi. Nak tahu kenapa?
Ingat tak cukai pendapatan?
20% kemenangan ini dikenakan cukai. Kira, tolak, bagi, darab jumlan US97,500 masuk ke akaun cukai. Nak tahu siapa dapat duit cukai ini?
Kampung dia dapat, Higashi-son.

Sekarang dah tahu kan kenapa datuk bandar tersenyum sampai tahi gigi kering?


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Solar eclipse-tyme

The sun is covered about 30% as I am writing this. The whole sun will be covered in about 50 mins time. It will pass through Kikai island south of Japan, north of Okinawa island chains. The last solar eclipse was 46 years ago. After calculations, the next solar eclipse might pass over Tokyo in 26 year's time.

The sky up my head is dark suddenly. I thought it might rain but it's the side-effect of the moon slowly covering the sun.

If you guys in Malaysia get this message now, go out and check the sun immediately.
Maybe make solat dhuha or solat sunat matahari gerhana.

Time: 11.30 am- The moon cover the sun completely. NHK is making a live view of the whole event. Kikai island is covered in darkness. The temperature drops 4c. All the star admirers coming in from around world are gathered and all pointing their giants scope towards the sky. The people on Kikai islands are outside their houses. The people in my neigbourhood are hanging out on the street. We just want to be a part of this great phenomena. The sun is covered for 6 minutes only. The whole sky is dark.
Tomo said all teachers stopped the classes in campus and they went to the ground outside to witness the show of the universe.

Nota kaki: Dilaporkan cengkerik di bumi dan unggas di langit tidak berlagu dan bersuara selama 7-10 minit tatkala buana ini dalam kegelapan. Subhana-Allah!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009



The Summer school holiday started yesterday. Of course, I didn't know about it but when I see many children on the street with their bikes burning in the hot sun, I can guess as well. 40 beautiful days for these children. 40 days of harassful time for their mothers.
Also, this sound , the taiko drum is heard every eveniing around the corner in my neighbourhood. I think these people are doing their practise for various upcoming festivals, again I'm no sure what festivals.
If you hear the video up there, you can feel the beat of Okinawa. You can't help it. Everytime I hear this taiko drum, the adrenalin level shoot. Actually, the singer sings in Okinawa dialect. Don't request for translation of it, my head feels too overload right now and I don't want to include Okinawa dialect or any other foreign languages, for that matter.

Friends or people who have ever step on this island, be aware. After you hear this beat, you will cry for this island again!


Friday, July 10, 2009

Tatkala nafs diibadahkan...

Gelombang umat Nabi Mohammad SAW mentsunamikan alam...amin.