Monday, May 26, 2008

Kejora di Kaki Langit-Darma Mohammad

Gambar ihsan dari sdr wan A Rafar

When I held this novel “Kejora di Kaki Langit” written by Darma Mohammad and published by Creative Enterprise Sdn Bhd (540 pages), for the first time, immediately the word “kejora” pulled my eyes. Looking it up, “kejora” is a term use to group stars that flow in the “Rivers of Galaxy”. Some people might refer to it as the “bimasakti” or “amanogawa” that the Japanese like to use in haiku writings. But I opinioned it nearer to “Subaru” like the title song in the video below.
I have known (not personally) the writer from a couple of years before, when he often made constructive comments in my blog writings. After knowing only his name, I am exposed to some of his free-style poetry that was often published in papers, bulletin and journals and more, of his creative writings scattered in the cyber world.
The story line of the book are easy issues, not thought-provoking, brain-smashing, heavy material. It tells a career-minded heroine, unsuccessful in love relationship and finding a comfortable path in building up her career thereon. The common term for this type of theme is Chick lit novel. Often with this story line, we find the writer to be commonly lady but as a man writes this novel, it should be more of an eye-opener. Readers should be able to see some perspective from a man’s point of view.
As I have anticipated, coming from a writer who has ample experience in free-style poetry writings, this novel is scattered with famous quotation of wise words and lines from many books that the writer is familiar with.
In addition to this, for readers who are inclined to puisi (Malay-style poetry), there is a little bonus thrown in.
The puisi, “Kaki langit ditusuk karang” is the writer’s eloquent ness, word precision, colorful vibrancy and depth of emotional current.

Three of the verses as appetizer:

Pertemuan ini menjadi sejarah,
Kenangan manis menjadi abadi,
Namamu melekat di hatiku,
Pesan dan sindir menjadi ingatan.

Bertemu, bermesra dan berpisah,
Lumrah hidup lumrah alam,
Keharuan ini harus ditelan,
Berat lidah mengucap selamat tinggal,
Untuk tarikh bila berkumpul semula.

Esok, kita akan berjalan jauh,
Penuh liku panas dan berdebu,
Masing-masing berlainan arah,
Membawa pulang pengalaman diri,
Membawa pulang lara sendiri.

Again, with the solid background of a poetry writer, see this picturesque scenery written as metaphor,
jari-jari angin,
wajah malam yang legam,
suara hujan,
tamsil senja,
menyeri langit di batin,
sekeping mimpi yang melayang-layang di atas awan,
sayup di hujung bimasakti,
terus menyala di dapur hati,
deru kereta membelah rambu-rambu senja,
suara dari sejuta lidah awan,
rintik-rintik senja bertaburan,
kehitaman bertaburan di langit…
and many more.

Even readers without any poetic sentiments would be pulled by the word attractiveness.
On top of all these, the writer also managed to insert wise word from famous Japanese proverb and some lines from Confucius powerful thoughts. There are mentioned of famous books like “Laa Tahzan”, “Men are from Mars, Women from Venus”, “Di dalam lembah kehidupan” by Hamka and much more. Evidently, this shows much research, footwork, homework done in preparation and writing.

Appropriately, making the story line more in tune to the latest worldly event, some contemporary songs are added to spice up the flavor as in
“Don’t wanna lose you” by Gloria Estafan,
“When will I se you again” from the singing group The Three Degrees,
“You raise me up” solo singing of Josh Groban.

Thought reflection of lifetime experiences shows in these lines made me rewind some memory buttons (quote page 364).

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I…
I took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference.”
Next book,

“Derai-derai debu” by Darma Mohammad

Coming up.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Kejora di Kaki langit

-Darma Mohammad-

coming up soon!
Me o tojite nani mo miezu 
Close your eyes you see nothing
kanashikute me o akereba
Let your eyes open during sadness
Kouya ni mukau michi yori 
On the road towards wilderness
hoka ni mieru mono wa nashi
there is nothing else to see
 Aha kudake chiru sadame no hoshitachi o
Aha, the falling stars of Life
Semete hisoyaka ni kono mi o terase yo
Quietly will shine in this heart of mine

Ware wa yuku 
I'm going
aojiroki hoho no mama de
with a face so pale
Ware wa yuku 
I'm going
saraba subaru yo
Goodbye, my Subaru

Ikiru sureba mune no naka 
Living with this heart
kogarashi wa naki tsuzukeru
hearing the continuing storm
Saredo waga mune wa atsuku 
But my heart is always chasing
yume o oi tsuzukeru nari
warm dreams
Aha sanzameku na mo naki hoshitachi yo
Aha cruelly killing all the stars without names
 Semete azayaka ni sono mi o oware yo
with its brightness, my heart is gone

Ware wa yuku 
I'm going
kokoro no meizuru mama ni
with a closed heart
Ware mo yuku 
I'm going
saraba subaru yo
Goodbye, my Subaru.

Aha, itsu no hi ka 
Aha, there will be a day
dareka ga kono michi o
someone will be on this road
Aha, itsu no hi ka 
Aha, there will be a day
dareka ga kono michi o
someone will be on this road

Ware wa yuku 
I'm going
aojiroki hoho no mama de
with a face so pale

Ware wa yuku 
I'm going
saraba subaru yo
Goodbye, my Subaru 

Ware wa yuku 
I'm going
saraba subaru yo
Goodbye, my Subaru.

目を閉じて何も見えず Tutup mata itu segalanya padam
哀しくて目を開ければ ketika bersedih, celikkan mata 
荒れ野に向かう道より perjalanan menuju ke belantara
他に見るものはなし tiada apa dalam pandangan
砕け散る 宿命の星たちよ  nasib bintang-bintang yang jatuh bertaburan
せめて密やかに この身を照らせよ dalam kesenyapan, hati ini disinarkan

我は行く 蒼白き頬のままで aku pergi dalam wajah lesu ini
我は行く さらば昴よ aku pergi selamat tinggal Subaru

呼吸をすれば胸の中 dalam kehidupan ini
木枯らしは吠き続ける ribut dingin berterusan
されど我が胸は熱く pun begitu kalbu ini terus mencari cahaya
夢を追い続けるなり tetap mencari impian hangat
さんざめく名も無き星たちよ gugurkan segala bintang yang tidak bernama
せめて鮮やかに dengan sinarnya
その身を終われよ hilanglah hati ini

我も行く 心の命ずるままに aku pergi membawa hati resah
我も行く さらば昴よ aku pergi selamat tinggal Subaru
いつの日か 誰かがこの道を satu hari nanti jalan ini terbuka
いつの日か 誰かがこの道を satu hari nanti jalan ini terbuka
我は行く 蒼白き頬のままで aku pergi dengan wajah lesu ini

我は行く さらば昴よ aku pergi selamat tinggal Subaru
我は行く さらば昴よ aku pergi selamat tinggal Subaru

Music/Lyric by Shinji Tanimura
Translation by Leyla Shuri

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Aserola and shisou

This morning, I went in the toilet and found a struggling cicak hitam or black lizard. Very small, just baby. As I was sitting, I talked to this poor thing.

How did you end up here?
Before this where were you?

I left that little thing alone and went about my daily chores. Later, I went to sit again and found lots of black ants attacking the black baby lizard. The ants collectively carried it and moved in a direction. Maybe towards their nest to feed other working ants and the queen.

Again, I talked to the ants.

I can't see your nest from here, show me your house, show me how you live, show me what you do and what you think?

Then, I went to the garden and pulled some leaves and fruits. Opened the freezer and prepared my lunch.

Here to my beautiful lunch.
Some aserola berrries (in season now), some shisou leaves on my natto with 3 tablespoon rice.
the black thing on my natto? Make a guess...hahahaha!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Worms and winds

That's right. Its the season of worms and winds. The leaves and branches are full of hanging worms, to be exact baby butterflies. Black body with yellow heads and orange lines on the body. Maybe a speciality in Okinawa. As round and fat as my little fingers. Cars parking under that tree, will sure to have worms in the seat, if windows are opened.

This is one major reason I don't go into gardening.
My weakness for worms or I am just another worm deep down in me.
By the way, I don't even dare step on these wriggly creatures, I usually make a detour to avoid my shoes touching them.

The winds are coming too. Its the typhoon season again. This will last till October. So, all branches and trees are trimmed. Just so we don't have to do major clean-up the day after.

Those two men are the the major WORMS and WINDS of my life.
I don't step on them, always treat them delicately. Like it or not, they are the decision-maker of this clan.

WINDS, their decision stands. Whatever direction goes, I go too.
The major winds of my life.
The one on the step-ladder at 58, has strong arms that I lay my head on everynight.

The leader of the clan at 98, tied up those brances and neatly carried them to the garbage pick-up corner.

WORMS and WINDS, the very basic of life.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Perlepasan sessi haiku

Untuk mendapatkan perlepasan dari sessi haiku sebelum bercuti buat 2-3 bulan nanti, saya dengan pelahannya duduk di sebelah sensei Machiko dan berbisik padanya.

...sensei, saya akan mengambil cuti selama 2-3 bulan dari Jun ini untuk ke Singapore dan Malaysia.

...dengan suara lantang...

(saya diam, terkebil-kebil, tak tahu apa nak kata, terperanjat)

Lama terdiam!

Kawan sebelah tolong jawapkan.

...sensei, harera chan banyak urusan dan tugas bila sampai sana nanti.

...tapi takkanlah urusan dan tugas itu lebih dari 3 bulan?
(membebel sensei lagi...laki aku taklah membebel begini dasyat!)

Bebelan bersambung...

Antologi 20 haiku dan profil harus serahkan sebelum Ogos nanti, sempat ke serahkan?

Baiklah sensei, saya serahkan semuanya sebelum saya berangkat nanti. Saya serahkan pada Youko san nanti.

Cuba menyejukkan hati sensei...

kalau sensei nak datang masa saya di sana, datanglah...saya bawa sensei berjalan.

sensei senyum...lega hatiku.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Perasan sibuk

Maafkan saya, beribu kali lagi maafkan saya. Inilah saya dah dapat pangkat baru, jadi maam dalam rumah. Tak ada sesiapa menggangu, tak perlu bangun pagi-pagi pekong (bukan pagi buta) lagi untuk membuat bekal nasi.
Yang ada keliling saya hanya orang lelaki. Father-in-law, Otto dan Si bujang Tomo, apa lagi...keluarlah segala kemanjaan yang sudah lama terlaci.
Betul, kerja rumah ini sudah kurang. Seharusnya saya meluangkan masa, kerapkan menulis and mengemas kini catatan blog ini tapi apakan daya...jasad ini sudah terpelesong (ejaan?) ke tempat lain.

Itulah tajuk "perasan sibuk"!

Lagi sekali mohon maaf, saya tidak balas komen di kotak komen yang kenalan tinggalkan. Betulah saya ini, lalai sangat. Janganlah marahkan saya.

Ini sekali jalan saya komen, bolehlah ye?
Kalau tak terima, maki hamunlah saya. Saya rela sebab memang salah saya.


Ummi-saya faham kerinduan kamu itu tapi jangan terbawa sangat ye.

AZ Haida-saya baru baca entri terbaru kamu, kesian saya. Apakan daya kamu masih berpangkat ibu muda.

Zareda-yang ini baru dapat pangkat baru, terrer semacam nak jadi Major Minah Rempit.

mimi-kamu jemput saya datang JB, baiknya hati walaupun kita tak kenal lagi, ahaks.

MBA- ini lapuran terbaru. JICA OKinawa tidak ada orang Malaysia lagi, nyilek!

Lina-masihkah mengumpul anak-anak, bapa-bapa Urutoraman?

Umeboshi-sekarang orang sini tengah buat jeruk ume, yum yummy, dapat yang manis dengan honey. Boleh makan setempayan.

Wan a rafar- Jangan kecil hati dengan teguran saya. Saya niat untuk menunjukkan yang terbaik.

alinlai- kurangkan makan itu, jangan pula 9 bulan nanti naik sampai 25 kilo!

Noha comel-lamanya kamu menyepi.

Nina-menjawap soalan itu. Adalah anugerah yang paling indah nanti, insyaAllah.

Yus-kak lela akan cuba usahakan.

Nashri-tak kenal lagi member ini, baru dia buka blog. Selamat memblog.

Sekian, kerja orang perasaan sibuk. Maaf, Maaf.