Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Vegetable

Summer Vege

These are summer veggies on this island. You can see banana but that is a special banana, sweet. I know some people named it as Monkey banana. Then there is square beans (kacang botor), red chillies, long beans (kacang panjang), ciku (those brown egg-like fruits, pink-bell jambu and of course not in the photo is bitter gourd (peria) and petula (sponge gourd).

Petula or sponge gourd, strange thing is the Japanese on the mainland don't eat it, instead they use it as body scrub! But Okinawa people use it as food!

Anyway, this is the best time to get good red chillies, so I bought 6 packs in one go.

Words from her red mouth
sparkle and burn back her face
Red chillies and friends.



  1. So, hows my Haiku.
    How much points do I have.

  2. the of anniversary
    hubby questioned why her lips were red
    she blame it one the chillies

  3. the of anniversary (maybe typing error here)[7]
    hubby questioned why her lips were red[9]
    she blame it one the chillies[7]

    haiku syllable (音節) is 5-7-5. If you count yours it is 7-9-7. Try again.

  4. petola boleh dibuat sponge ke? Baru tau. ;)