Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Winter Sunflower

Winter Sunflower

Looking at the mess in the tatami room, I told myself to get out of the house, no matter the familiarity with a ship in a storm.
So, I practically pulled hubby and go up north. Not to far but it was a good rest for my head and eyes.
We reached a field of winter sunflower. That's me in my peachy cap hiding in between the flowers.
I think they grow the flowers for the seed, maybe to make cooking oil or to sell as bird's food.



  1. Cantiknya auntie lela.
    Tak jemu mata tengok bunga ini.

  2. Cantik sungguh. Segar mata memandang warna ceria. :)

  3. La..........ingatkan bunga kat tengah2 tuh!

  4. salam kak halela,

    kalo akak tak sebutkan tadi, saya tak perasan akak ada antara celah bunga tu, ahaks. cantiknya!