Saturday, November 10, 2012


That's a corresponding date. My sister yesterday was saying, "today is 9. After 9 will be 10.11.12."
So, me being the straight rod-brain, questioned her with, "Of course every month there is 10.11.12 and there is nothing wrong with no. 9, that goes with 10.11.12!"
I'm still in Singapore. I found out people in Singapore are more conscious of there surrounding than before. They are more civic-minded. Better still, more are smiling in public now. The public places are not littered anymore. Bus drivers are driving better.
I've compared prices in Singapore with that in Okinawa, not Tokyo. For sure, the cost of living in Singapore is higher that Okinawa. Other than the local food, every thing else is not much cheaper than Okinawa.
I can get a bottle of skin water of 200 ml for just $2, but that same bottle of water, take for example witch hazel can cost like $12. Don't think the quality is below standard in Japan. It is just that prices in Okinawa is more affordable for the local people.
Another example is cars. Just recently (about 2 days), I compared my car which I bought 2 years ago at just $9000. But that same car costs like $45,000 in Singapore.
All in all, a family of 5 can survive with $2000 monthly, what with the abundant vegetable and the Japanese ways of eating small and basic.
But it is quite a struggle with this situation in Singapore.

I bought for my sister's family a weight machine that measure body fat, visceral fat, BMI.
They were shocked to see those figures. Now, I hope those realization will make them improve their eating habit.

I wrote a note today as I need to see that date 10.11.12.
Hopefully I will not forget 12.12.12.


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