Monday, August 07, 2017

Such a deer.

I never expect the first night of our trip to Hokkaido (29 June to 2 July 2017), when we stayed at Sahoro Hotel that it was one of the Club Med chain-hotel. Club Med being an international chain-hotel, unlike local-run hotels in Japan, caters to the special needs of their Muslims customers. 

We were delighted to be served with grilled deer meat which, we were told to be halal. I can't remember having deer meat before, maybe I had, but I cannot recollect it's taste anymore. It was soft without the smell of mutton. 
That night, I made my way to the common bath-house on the ground floor of the hotel. It has a 露天風呂 Roten-buro (literally it means bath under the sky) or an open air bath. It was dark, I could see the stars so far off into the galaxy with its weak twinkling as I dipped in the steaming water. There was an earthy smell to the water, it might come from the depth of the earth.

I take a public bath every week. Having a common bath with other women every week has a therapeutic effect on me. You should try hit the sauna at 78c, then dip in the water at 19c, repeat in three or four rounds. Feel your body changing.
Most time I tried to keep quiet and relax, feel my body tightening in the heat but that would normally be quite impossible. While dripping in sweat, the women talk about the weather, about some sick friends, about politics or anything that we are willing to share. 
I've come to know many friends I made from the common bath. Sometimes, we arranged another date at the karaoke or have lunch together.
Coming back to the halal grilled deer at Sahoro Club Med, do make a special request during the booking. Oh, I'm not paid for this promotion, just a travel information.


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