Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Osaka trip

When my first daughter and her family visited us this January 2018 (12-19), I went along with them to visit my second daughter's family in Osaka. After a short stay with us in Oct and Nov.2017, my second daughter moved to Osaka. So, this would be our first visit to her in Osaka.
One thing about Osaka now is that it is crowded with tourist from Korea, China and other Asians countries, that sometimes I wonder if Osaka is still in Japan.
Those famous eating places and frequented places in Osaka do not look like the typical street of Japan anymore. I see trash littering everywhere and the bad odour from public toilets are getting intolerable. 
But, good thing these unwanted conditions are not found in public housing areas where tourists do not tramp around.
Anyway, I managed to grab some delicious dishes like their famous sea crab, beef sukiyaki and beef shabu-shabu. I'm quite surprised at the numerous eating place that caters to the Muslim customers that sprang up the last 5 years in Osaka. Even at Kansai Airport, there are several eating places that offer Halal menu.
It was sheer happiness to have my kids and grandkids gathered together at the same time and place. 
I have a special tune that just flows from my mouth whenever I'm with my grandkids.
I will sing it like "sayang, sayang. Yang sayang. Yang sayang, sayang."
My last grandchild imitate me when he was alone at home after I left his house.

Before I went to Osaka the cherry tree on my front porch was about 20% in bloom.

After coming home, it is about 90% blooming. (image below). 22 Jan 2018.



  1. the flowers are all so beautiful ^^

    1. 5 March 2018, the sakura tree is all green with clean, new leaf. The colours of young leaves are satisfying. You've been to Japan that's why you appreciate nature.

  2. Bile la dapat gi sana?
    Teringin gak...

    Done follow...

    1. Apabila Tuhan sudah masukkan dalam rezeki kita, satu hari nanti dapat juga pergi. Yang penting berdoa.