Friday, September 12, 2003

Entri pertama


Saya mulakan blog ini dengan ucapan alhamdulillah. Syukur kepada-Nya, akhirnya dapat juga saya "bercakap-cakap" kepada dunia menggunakan bahasa Melayu. Kerinduan kepada bahasa Melayu ini membuak-buak, hinggakan terbawa-bawa bermimpi.

alhamdulillah, kini saya boleh menulis dalam bahasa Melayu dan insyaallah akan istiqamah terhadapnya.

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  1. I read and speak Malay, being a 100% of Malay blood. Sadly my writing in Malay is simply atrocious. If you care please read the latest entry in my blog and read what Allah yarham Ali Jusoh said about my literary Malay. I have wanted to leave comments in your recent postings but, to do so, I need to join the CIRCLE that I am deadly against.

    I am curious who you are, obviously a writer - may be a Malay lady living in Japan with a strong tie in Singapore? Oh, I have many questions which I know have no way of getting the answers.

    Your writing is interesting to me. And you started writing as early as 2003, years before I had the interest. - and I am so much older than you, being way past 70. I will drop by your blog from time to time, sadly unable to leave comments, not being in your CIRCLE.

    Salaam and all the best to you My email (as shown in my blog) is: I was coerced into joining LinkedIn, Facdbook etc etc which I dislike intensely - an odd fellow I am, I know.