Friday, January 23, 2004


Natto atau tempe Jepun.


Ini sarapan saya setiap pagi. Air teh susu tak bergula. Kacau natto sampai berlendir dengan nasi Jepun sekepal.
Lauk natto, kalau ada pun tambah rampai laut bersama biji bijan.
Kadang-kadang tak ada natto makan roti dengan jam limau.

Khasiat natto.

Ada orang kata natto bau busuk, bau cheese bacin. Banyak pelajar melayu tak boleh telan natto. Berlendir-lendir macam muntah kucing!

Tapi saya dah telan 22 tahun, setiap hari, sodap!

"Natto resembles bits of hardened fox feces anchored in snot. It's really unusual to eat, especially with chopsticks, though I can't imagine eating it with a fork or spoon. I spend much energy trying to disengage a series of endless threads hanging between the bowl and my mouth."

"The flavor is strong like the smell. At first I needed lots of soy sauce, spicy mustard, rice and miso soup to get it down.

So what then is natto? Natto is steamed soybeans that are fermented, sometimes in rice straw, until the beans have acquired their notorious nutty flavor, disturbing aroma and sticky slipperiness, held together like a spider web by gossamer-like threads."

"How does it get this way? It's all in the secret sauce: the bacteria bacillus natto, which activates the fermentation process. After carefully-selected soybeans have been steamed in a steel vat, they are sprayed with this concoction, packed, then heated at 40-45ーC and 100% humidity for up to 24 hours. The result is a highly digestible, unabashedly nutritious super-food. Bean for bean, natto packs more nutritional wallop than even a pint of Guinness: iron and vitamins B2 and B12, plus 16.5 percent protein."

Khasiat Natto

"There are various nutrients in the soybean, such as saponin, protein, oligosaccharide, vitamin B1, food fiber and vitamin E.
Lecithin reduces bad ball cholesterol, and remove the cholesterol which stuck to the blood vessel, and that prevents high blood pressure.
Saponin controls a cancer.
Isoflabon spelling not found prevents aging of the blood vessel, breast cancer and prostatic cancer.
There is an enzyme of nattokinaze in the natto.This enzyme has the effect which melts a thrombus. There is a vitamin k2 in the natto. When that is not in the body, calcium can't become bone. A vitamin k2 is produced at the intestines. If it is not enough in body, nattokinaze helps. Vitamin k2 doesn't exist in other food. There is a research that regional natto consumption and fracture is inversely proportional."

nota kaki: Kotak komen tenggelam timbul.

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