Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dump money

Things are not going pretty well with me lately. The weather is slowing my life down and I am chasing crickets away from my garden as the hot air is covering our atmosphere now.

You may think coming from me, this is weird but I hate the sounds of things coming from my front and back garden. I don't really like the chirping sound of birds too loud or too near the house. I get quite distracted. I don't mind them so much when I'm in one of my light and easy mood but nowadays that sort of mood is hard to come by.

Here is the gist of the entry for the day.

A gangster group or some crazy, rich, dying person threw some lumpsome of money in the dumpster.
The dumpman who who works for the government, collects the money and claims it to be his after the claimable period of 6-months. In Japan, whatever you find on the street and report it to the nearest authority, if not claim, will be yours after six-months.

The money is big to Malaysian standard, a little over a million ringgit.
The sad thing is the dumpster man who found it cannot claim the money even after the 6-month waiting period is over.

Well, you think hard and reason it out. He found it, he reported it and he waited for 6 months but still he cannot claim it.



  1. Knapa dia tak leh claim duit tu Aunty?

  2. let me guess...
    duit tu dibuang di tempat sampah,so dianggap sampah???xleh claim sampah..

  3. akuro chan,

    Mungkin ada pembaca lain boleh jawap, kita tunggu ye.

    cik anoni,

    Kenapa agaknya xleh claim sampah?

  4. xleh claim sampah sbb sampah perlu dilupuskan....betol x?hihik

  5. kou-mu-in dakara? hmmmm... wakarimasen ne....

  6. Hehe! Punya la xsabar Akuro ni kan :P

    Patutla dulu ada je org tu ckp "Gamang ne!" kat Akuro.