Thursday, June 28, 2007

Koubo extract detoured

I am giving the answer for the entry below.
The thing is, all the trash in Japan that you dump at the designated point-of-collection belongs to the government. Nobody (not even the public dumpman) and they mean it, Nobody has the right to claim that trash. So, the answer to the question is obvious here.

Aluminium and steel prices is high right now. There are many public things made of steel being stolen right under people's nose. Huge steel bells in front of shinto shrine, village emergency steel alarm-bell to warn villages of houses on fire, drainage covers, manhole cover and even unused railway tracks are now victimised. The thieves sell the stolen steel to be melted down and the payment is quite worth the trouble.
Every Thursday of the week, is the collection day for aluminium cans and such. There is this old man who make sure to come by before the public dumpman come to claim the treasure. This old man with an open air truck would go around the neihbourhood pincing those aluminium cans.
But you must remember same as the money found earlier, these aluminium cans are government property. The government recycle and sell them to the aluminium can manufacturer. The sale money collected would add some income into their budget for future upgrade on machinery and equipment.
So, what I am trying to say is the old man is stealing government property by pincing all the aluminium cans.
I just remember as I write this, years ago when I was about 6 years old. We didn't go to any kindergarten or the likes because there were none around. We kids used to be left on our own in the daytime and we just go around in groups doing nothing. Those time there were no phobia on rapist or child molester.
But, there was this boy who had a brilliant idea. He suggested we go around collecting bottle caps, those aluminium type, like the ones on beer bottle now.
So, we went to the river banks and all over doing our collection. We had no container to put all the caps and my dress ended up as a bowl to carry our priceless collections.
We collected for about a week and had like 5 rice bags of bottle caps, then we all went to the karung guni shop. The karung guni apek looked at it and said, "ah, ini tak tak guna punya balang, tak boleh juan lor."
See how silly we were, first thing we should check for the value of the caps. We were really disppointed because I had already planned to treat myself a big air batu kacang with the sale money.
You see, I was willing to wade in the dirty and muddy river with mouse carcass and the lot to get the caps. I smelled terrible at the end of the day and my legs was bloated with pekung buta, yellow with pus from the river infection. I still have bisul marks on my legs till now and am looking at it while writing this, hahahaha!

Actually, I wanted to write on koubo extract, something happened to me with koubo extract and I detoured. I promise you beautiful readers, I will do that koubo extract next round. Ok kan?


  1. when we were small, we used to catch grasshoppers, put them in a special made container, then sell them to this one apek.. all these just to buy some ice cream malaysia... it was not 100% because of the money, i think.. maybe because we had fun doing it... :)

  2. salam awalpagi,
    sememangnya namamu memberi identiti awalpagi...awal, pagi2 dah ada hehehe.

    I was doing it for the money, i was alway hungry, so thin like the grasshopper you catched huhuhu.
    I was so hungry, i even panggang belalang padi and ate it when I was 6 years old.

  3. Tak sangka dekat Jepun pun ada jugak kes curi barang awam dari besi ni. Ingatkan kat M'sia je.

  4. salam cik anoni,

    kat jepun pun ada org miskin, ada orang busuk hati, ada org jahat, ada org bunuh org...mereka juga manusia seperti org di mana2 juga.

  5. kak lela, teringat saya masa kecik-kecik main botol cap ngn kawan-kawan... main jentik-jentik, tapi dah tak ingat rules dia... saya rasa saya lagi terer main botol cap (dgn budak2 laki) daripada main batu seremban (dgn budak2 perempuan)... alahai, betapa tomboynya saya waktu tu...

  6. akak..mana gi komen saya..hilang ker..ayo yooooooooo

  7. salam ani san,
    hilang bak impian mendaki fuji-san huhuhu...