Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I am sorry but I will come back as soon as things are settled, insyaAllah.

In the meantime, enjoy this heart-rending Okinawa song by Jimama, Okinawa singer. Finish the song and you'll understand.

Diego, the national flower of Okinawa.


  1. mommy,

    JIMAMA is my favorite singer. I often went to her concert when I was in Okinawa. I even have her signature. Deigo is a song she wrote for her grandfather who passed away. She remembers him when she walks bu the Deigo tree.
    Its a nice song. Good select.
    bye, Ayumi

  2. ayumi,

    JIMAMA is on FM Okinawa everyday at 11 am. She talks about her philosophy in life, about general things. Mommy like her voice, cripy like the sound of paper tearing. The lyric of this song is touching too.
    Today mommy eat two mochi with goma dressing, yummy.

    Take care sayang.

  3. salam.. sedap music.. tpi apa yang dinyanyikan tak berapa fhm... hehehe..
    jaga diri..

  4. Dear Halela; Salam ingatan dari jauhdi sudut hati, semoga dalam rahmat Allah sentiasa, sihat walafiat dan dipermudahkan segala. InsyaAllah, amin.

  5. Salam Lela,

    Sedap jugak lagu tu mendayu-dayu, buat hatu sayu je..