Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Retirement of the Home Madame.

For people who have been actively employed all the waking hours, being paid handsomely or otherwise, they will have a cut-off line to change their lifetime status. When those employed time has ended and they brand themselves as "retired", the image is set.
Naturally, by this time they have a bagful of retirement reward, they feel inner satisfaction, they will look forward to hobbies that were sacrified long ago.

I envy these people. Its nice to know where you stand, good to know you are up onto another level of life.

The subject of this rambling is me.
I am a home person all my waking hours after I am "happily married ever after"!
The first phase of my life as a bearing and fruiting person is long gone.
Then the second phase of guiding and taking care of the growth has just gone.
Now, when the growth is blossoming, when the growth can take care of itself, where do I stand?
Quite clearly, this is the last phase of my life.

Then, do I call myself as retired?
I am still a home person, doing my home thing. So, in truth, let me ask again...
am I or am I not retired?


  1. salam,
    gud blog,
    boleh belajar bhsa jepun...

  2. salam madame...


    being a full-time housewife has one disadvantage, no exact retirement period was mentioned, and the retirement is kind of vague especially when all the children left the house to pursue with their own life...

    my mom is a housewife too, maybe one day she'll feel the way you felt right now. how should i help her overcome this issue?

    would it make her feel better to take up new hobbies and travel? :)

    please respond... thank you.

  3. salam... lakukan sesuatu atas kemampuandiri... ehehehhehe. moga bahagia selalu..