Sunday, September 06, 2009

Opera hit Japan tyme

As I am knocking this keyboard, I heard this song in the background. I like to put on the FM while doing my work. This song has been playing on and on for the past couple of weeks in Japan. But this week, it hit the top chart for popular songs in Japan. I feel this is so strange. Hear the song than you might agree with me.

First, the lyric is English and Italian. Most Japanese people don't speak or understand both these languages.
Same thing goes for me. I like this song but I only understand the English lines.
I have not been inside a hall that is fully furnished with every kinds of musical instrument. But I know my heart will burst with excitement listening to this song in Albert Hall (maybe die on the spot, my poor heart is weak now).
By the way, the male singer, Andrea Bocelli is blind.

Have you ever seen such handsome blind person with such gifted voice? Masya-Allah, I am melting in this bright moon of Ramadhan.


ps: how strange the effect of full moon have on people. Some see wolf in themselves but I see beauty in other people while the magical power of the moon ray showers me.


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