Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Namida-Funky Monkey Babys

This is the season of starting everything new in Japan. New job, new workplace, new school and new friends.
Some people have to live away from families to start that new life. Moving to a university away from home or making it new as freshman.
This video shows a little of that life. A fresh girl just starting her career, moving to a new apartment leaving behind someone she loved.
As the youngest and latest addition to the company "salaryman or office lady", she is ignored. That is the test of life.
This song is touching. So touching, I wish you guys can understand. See the tears.



  1. Salam ziarah dan kenal kak JahRera, saya amat meminati lagu ini, hingga menjadi nada deringan di keitai. :)

  2. salam asmara,

    ye, lagu ini sangat menyentuh kalbu.

    Selamat menyambut sakura dalam salju hehehe.