Friday, November 12, 2010

Pickled Kedongdong


A couple of days ago, I went to a friend's (Uehara at Ozato) orchard and picked all these kedongdong. These are just from one tree and she has 3 others. I managed only one tree. That is enough.
Uehara said they grow these kedongdong for fun. Watching the fruits are such joy for them! Actual fact is she has no idea how to eat it! Like all Japanese.
I'll pickle those big fruits and the rest I'll make some traditional dishes out of it like sambal belacan kedongdong, yummy and maybe fish curry kedongdong (same like my mom used to add green mangoes) or masak lemak pedas with ikan saba kedongdong.
Cooking is invention and I always invent new dishes combining the best of Japanese and Malay dishes.

Kedongdong haiku:

Sambal kedongdong
the smell of the belacan
is lost when alone.



  1. wow! terliur membacanya hehe...

  2. Puan maryam,

    The haiku is re-edited. Now i feel it suits my feeling better.

  3. Mmmm mmmm mmmmm.... ni yg kena pi carik kedondong jeruk kat Penang nih... XD

    Dulu, belakang rumah my aunt ada sepohon pokok kedondong. Memang puas Zaini makan & menjeruk buah ni.

    Wah, your friend just plant them for fun? Then all the fruits given to who?

  4. lina,
    she just let the fruits drop. She is happy that I come and sweep the trees but I can only do so much.
    Just to finish up the kedongdong, i use it to munch while resting, while watching TV or when sleepy with my writings.
    Works like an alarm clock hehehe.

  5. Salam JahRera,
    Kisah mengenai kedondong ni ada dlm blog saya. Nk tau info blh bc di Dedaun Alam (yg ada info ubi badak tu)

  6. Salam,

    kedondong sedap dibuat jus + pula asam boi.. :D

  7. baru nak suggest benda yg sama jus kedondong + asam boi yummy!!!