Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Hanging on thin life...

This year, the 9th typhoon is called the Noro-noro kaze because of its slowness. It took 48 hours to cross this island going towards mainland China. Normal typhoon moves at speed 40km/hr takes, takes about 12 hours to cross but this noro-noro kaze is at 10km/hr with the strength of 130-150 km/hr gust of wind.
We lost our power line for 15.5 hours but we have water and cooking gas for the kitchen. So, its not so much as a panic for us.
But the winds were very disturbingly strong. My fruit garden is gone and look at the picture. After the storm what's left are some bitter gourd hanging for life on it thin branches.

The strange thing is, the bitter gourd are surprisingly strong in such wind at 150km/hr lashing for 48 hours. Look how it hang on the tree.
But also after the storm, the leaves turned brown and dry. Like somebody has burnt them when all the time the rain was pouring like elephant's pee for 48 hours with the gust.

Here are some bitter gourd that we collected after the storm. We managed to pick those orchid flower before the storm.



  1. Kuat sungguh peria tu bertahan ye? o.O

  2. Nasib baik kakak tak terangkat sekali! Alhamdulillah!! Masak apa malam ni?

  3. sdr Uncle,
    Ini ada link tentang ribut itu yang sambung ke China & Korea. Alhamdulillah, walaupun kuasanya lebih kuat masa melanggar pulau ini, tidak ada yg terkorban. Itulah saya sangat2 terasa kecil dan rendah diri hidup di pulau ini. Sebab kita tidak ada ruang untuk bermanja2 dengan cuaca ganas begini melanda berkali2 setiap tahun.


    Rasanya hari ini nak beli saja untuk berbuka.

    Lina dear,

    Yes, Allah nak hidupkan dia ^_^