Monday, August 22, 2011

Under the tatami...

Many people see tatami flooring, sleep on it, sit on it. But have you ever wonder what's under the straw mat?

The recent typhoon was so strong and the gusty wind seeped in the drainage pipe of our air conditioning. The rain water got trapped and dripped on the tatami flooring. Two or three of the block mat was drenched and if we don't take it to shine, the musty smell remains for long.

So, dear handy man at home, took it off the floor and put those mats under the sun. I took those picture to show what's happening under the plank.
You can see the straw mat is sewn onto a thick board and lay on a wooded plank.
By the way, when calculating the size of houses in Japan, they count it by the amount of the tatami block.
Example: My house is 40 tatami. Or my room is 6 tatami.
Even when making a house, the size of the house is counted by how many tatami.
Example again.
If one tatami block cost JY25,000.
If the house is 40 tatami, you can do the counting here.

So if you have a double-storey house, you count the tatami up there as well.



  1. Macam jigsaw puzzle...ada tatacara nak susun tatami tak? ker leh suka hati jer nak susun mcm jigsaw tu?

  2. cikpuan mushroom,
    ukuran satu blok tatami 1x2 meter. Memang ada cara untuk susunannya di lantai.

  3. Oooo baru tau. Cantik lagi papan kayu di bawah tatami tu, Kak Lela.

  4. dear lina,
    Typically the houses in Okinawa has 2 walls. Exterior wall of cement to make the houses stand under the frequent and seasonal, strong typhoons. After the cement layer, is the wooden wall for the interior. The effect of the wooden wall & flooring is to make the house cool during summer. That is why you see under the tatami are just wooden flooring.

  5. Hi, this is my first time I go to your blog. As i am planning to okinawa soon, may i know that what has to pay attention when eating out as a muslim? I think that sashimi or seafood should be ok. But how about noodles or curry? Do people in okinawa use pork as soup all the time or there is miso soup as alternative ?