Monday, September 19, 2011

The Translator's knife.

Translated version

I don't believe not knowing a certain language would prevent us from acquiring knowledge or would stop anybody from the enjoyment of reading itself.
The market in Japan for foreign books are overflowing but these books are not in their original version. All have gone through the translator's pens and savored under the translator's skill.

Pictures are some sample of foreign books (English) translated into the Japanese language. Japanese people are readers by nature and they translate many foreign literary works (any foreign languages) into their language.
Those books in the picture are motivational sort.
By Dr. Wayne W. Dyer:
-Real Magic-Creating miracles in everyday life.
-You'll see it when you believer it.
-Pulling your own strings.
-Your erroneous zones (not sexual at all).

Also by author Thomas J. Leonard: The Portable Coach.

The rest amongst them are written by Japanese writers.


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