Sunday, February 05, 2012

Pucuk paku Buah berangan

warabi & kuri rice

Warabi are young shoots of the fern variety. Whereas kuri are chestnuts. So I mixed these young shoots with the chestnut plus a hint of chicken stock and what do I get.
Warabi and kuri rice.
Sorry guys, I promise to do better next time. I am not the kind to measure every little thing into spoons and cups. I just throw in everything and get done with it.
So this recipe is the throw-and-done type.



  1. Yummy Kak Lela. :)

    And I'm all for throw and done & then eat type of cooking. ;)

  2. Lina,
    I think throw cooking is one stage of life. I doubt young people can do the throw-cooking thing.

  3. Laporla....ish!ish! Kak Lela. Tak aci tunjuk gambar makanan dekat budak lapar.

    Thanks for your gift. I appreciate it very much. But i am such a boring person. He!he!he!.

    Nanti aaa...Aliff hantar sesuatu khas dari Malaysia.

    1. as salam alif,
      hish bukan tunjuklah. itu nak ajar resipi orang Jepun. Kalau tak ada gambor, macam mana orang nak tahu rupa pucuk paku orang Jepun, itu yang masuk gambo.
      Eh, sangat susah-susah. Tapi kalau nak juga susahkan diri, hantar cili kering 200 gm. Nak buat sambal tumis tak ada cili sini huhuhu.
      Kan dah demand, nyanya si alif hahaha.