Tuesday, January 24, 2012

初さくら-Sakura pertama

My own sakura

I can't remember whether the cherry was the dark, American variety or the strong, orange Japanese kind but I clearly remember carelessly throwing the cherry seed into the front porch after I finished with the fruit.
That was ten years ago. We just let the thin branch grow. Every year, beginning of spring on this island, the branch spread out its leaves. Just leaves. I was thinking this cherry tree is not healthy at all. After all, cherry trees are supposed to blossom from the beginning of the season. Anyway, we just ignored the tree. But last week, things started to change.

There you go! I remember the date you first blossomed: 20 Jan. 2012. How beautiful the numbers. 20-1-2011.

The first sakura blossom from our garden. Congratulations my dear sakura. You just stay there quietly to mature. Now, you are a lady. Virginly, blissfully pink.


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  1. First bloom! That is one hardy tree, despite not cared much, it sprung up and now blossoms! ^^