Friday, March 09, 2012


I have to finish up the collection of haiku and tanka by end of February but couldn't catch this date line. So for the past couple of weeks, I was adding up to this collection and editing it every night, way pass my sleep hour.

On top of all this activity, I have to find time to write and writing is a sitting down job. I hardly have time to leave the house other that doing some ferrying. I know my health is not so up to par now and I told myself I need to do some movement out of the house.

So I choose to walk to the supermarket. Since I need to suffer a bit, I walk to the shop farthest down the road about 2 km round trip. All this extra hard activity makes me head for the bed. I took the advise of Japanese peopl: when tired, just sleep it off.

That's what I did today. End up getting so hungry almost at lunch time. So I had this lunch with the breakfast that I missed. It is salted fish egg, mentaiko. Some mentaiko are hot like in spicy hot chilli. Adding this I washed some fresh salad and mixed it up with my own sesame dressing.

 Last night I ordered The Tales from Genji from Amazon. jp. Its not a new book but books from Amazon are still clean even though the status is second-hand. The best bargain I ever had. It is only about US$1 and the handling charge is about US$2.

US$3! I can't believe my big fortune.