Thursday, May 03, 2012


No meat products here. Only seafood. But still the food are not to be eaten.
Most restaurants in Japan show off their culinary specialty like this.
You look from the glass window first. If your mouth waters, you better not rush ini *remember the song said "only fools rush ini".
Second, check the price. Then again, if your mouth is still flooded with salivating liquid and your pocket sounds lots of kacing, kacing, go ahead and spread the noren on the door *noren is the half-way curtain that force your body to bend when you enter the establishment*.
Once inside, even without looking at the menu *sometimes there is no menu*, you just said the dish that comes with the arty food or if you are still illiterate in Japanese you just mention the numbers but if there is no number, you go with the sweet girl to the glass window and like a parrot, knock you head on the hard glass.

OK, I have two more weeks to finish up something. To kill the protagonist or to let him live.
This is the part I enjoy with writing, I feel like smaller god (of course there are no such branding). I can create or kill anybody in my own world.



  1. I do that when we vacation in Japan. I drag the waitress out and show which display that took my fancy. Though, I have to ask her the ingredients too, lest there are stuff in it that I cannot eat.

    Thank goodness for plastic food display & excellent service culture in Japan, I say! ;)

    1. Dear lina,
      Do you know which arty food is the most difficult for this false food artist to create?
      Give me 3 guesses.

  2. Can it be a bowl of rice, Kak Lela?

    1. no, dear lina.
      rice is too easy.

      you cannot see it here as well. too hard to make.

      2 more to go.

  3. Is it whole fish? ;)

    One guess to go!

    1. no, again.
      every food place serve this in Japan but not many can afford to buy the arty sample. Too difficult to make and so expensive.
      one to go.

  4. Last kopek. xD

    Miso shiru?

    1. again salah kopek.

      wrong again, not miso soup.

      hah, you are one determined lady :-)

      The answer is a glass of beer.
      Somehow the art people cannot duplicate the small bubbles that move upwards from the bottom of the glass.
      Then the frothy white bubbles with the transparent cell is real hard to sharp.
      Yes, it is the bubbles in the glass of beer.
      Ok, more shows for today *bow*

    2. fingers are too fast for my thoughts...corrections: real hard to shape.