Saturday, July 21, 2012


With this month of Ramadan 1433 starting today in Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore, this note on dates should be aspiring enough to be consumed by people with lesser feeling for this fruits as it is sunnah to break iftar with a piece or two of this wonder fruit.

May all Mukminin and Muslimin be awarded with His Barakah on this Holy Month, ameen.

The benefits of dates.

Treatment of constipation, as dates have high content of furit sugars (fructose).

It has anti-allergy properties due to its zinc contents.

It stimulates the reproductive system functions through its content of vitamins, minerals and phosphorous.

Treatment of heart diseases due to its iron contents.

It can be used as prophylatics treatment of renal failure due to its contents of vit B1, B2, B6 and sugar.

Treatment of anemia due to its contants of many meneral, the most important of which is iron.

Stops beding during pregnancy due to its content of vit. K and tanniene- an astringent agent.

Stop multiplication and reproduction of cancer cells due to its contents of magnesium, calcium and sulfur.

Relieves acidity and heart burn as it contains alkaline salts.

Prevents dizziness as it contains some agent such as carotene.

Dried dates flour and palm pith can treat Asthma and pertussis.



  1. selamat berpuasa kak.

  2. Thank you for sharing Kak Lela.

    Ramadan kareem from us to you and family.