Saturday, April 13, 2013

沖展 (Seni visual Okiten)

 Every year Okiten holds a massive art show that exhibits art in various forms be it painting in oil, water with photography and the latest in visual displays. One of my sisters-in-law won first prize in calligraphy this year. Unfortunately, cameras are not allowed in the halls, so all these images I nibbed from Okinawa Times that organized and sponsor this event yearly.

 This is the art of glass-making. Blown up glasses are crafted into art deco, table wares, fashion accessories and such. Originally, glass blowing started in Okinawa from the beer bottles that American Yankees discarded. Due to the lack of materials to make household utensils, the local Okinawan collected those beer bottles and recycled them. This custom still remind now and has flourished as a thriving cottage industry amongst the locals.

This kimono is typical local design. The weaving industry has started way back in history. The local produced their own clothes and the weaving design is mostly basket-weave (tenun reraga). Mostly the locals use cotton for the kimono.

This year there is a big crab sculptured from wood. That's the artist with the big saw. But the crab looks real to me. The artist did a good job with the fine details in that giant crab.

This event is held every year around early April. Some of the art paintings are beyond words in its fine work and details of making.


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