Monday, May 27, 2013

Instant house

 When I was away for two months at the end of last year, they was a single room hut by the wall. Then, upon returning, there was just the skinny frame from that single room hut. The owner of that single room hut, is an unmarried man and he made a house from a container material.You can see the container-house on the left side of the image. In that two months that I was not at home, a new resident stand in front of my house.

 End of April, 2013, there was a ground-breaking ceremony done in the Buddhist way one early morning. Then, the building company went around the housing compound to apologize for the noise of building a new house for the next couple of months. To take the neighbors heart, each of us are given some kind of a token of gifts for bearing with the uncomfort of the noise of building.
Even though the rain season sets in Okinawa, the building went on boring the ground and start with the foundation work. After the cement is laid and hardened, the workers did not stop working in the rain. Two days ago, the house frame was set up.

By the next day, the house roof was rounded up and the basic outline of the house is established.
The building company told us (as neighbours) to bear the building process for two months but I see from the way these Japanese builders are going, I am not surprise if this house will be ready to live by two weeks time.
Very soon, I will have a new neighbour-family.


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