Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thank you 2016, Welcome 2017!

The Year 2016 is the last day today. It'll be another year tomorrow. I don't make resolutions. I just do when things come my way.

The Year 2016 is an accomplishment year for me. I did some good things for myself.
Just for documentation.

Year 2015
** My second novel in Bahasa Melayu PAGI SEMERAH DAUN MOMIJI received first prize in the Malay Literary Awards 2015 (Anugerah Persuratan Melayu Singapura, 2015).
** Received Second Prize for Golden Point Award, 2015 for a short story.

Year 2016
** Novel TERBELAH BINTANG SUBARU is shortlisted for Singapore Literature Prize, 2016.

For the Year 2017;
** I've translated my second novel PAGI SEMERAH DAUN MOMIJI into English. I've sent the manuscribe to a publishing house.

** Another translation project that started about 4 years ago is still underway. This is a joint project and we've not decided on the publication house yet.

** I've compiled a collection of haiku by various haiku writers in Japan. They are not famous people. These compilations of haiku are based on the summer season word (kigo) written by haiku writers all over Japan. My intention in translating this compilation is to show how haiku are normally written by contemporary Japanese haiku writers. The haiku are in Japanese and the translated version will be in Bahasa Melayu. I've still not decided on the publication house yet for this project.

** A novel. This time I'm venturing into English. I still have not decided on the publishing house for this first timer in English as well.

Doing three writing projects simultaneously takes quite a bit of clever time-juggling.

Anyway, thank you for stopping by. From the recorded statistics, I know I'm not talking alone. Thanks for supporting me.
May you be busy and make more accomplishment for the coming year.

Happy 2017.

ps: photo on top was taken in December 2016.


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