Monday, July 02, 2007

Retarded Defence Minister

On Aug. 6, 1945, the U.S. dropped a bomb nicknamed "Little Boy" on Hiroshima, killing at least 140,000 people in the world's first atomic bomb attack. Three days later it dropped another atomic bomb, "Fat Man," on Nagasaki where about 74,000 are estimated to have been killed.

But Defence Minister Fumio Kyuma said...

"I understand that the bombing ended the war, and I think that it couldn't be helped," and he said he did not resent the U.S. because the bombs prevented the Soviet Union from entering the war with Japan, according to Kyodo News agency.

In other words, the defence minister is saying, its alright for the US to bomb the two cities, afterall Japan would lose the war one way or another.

In yet another words, who cares about 140,000 + 74,000 lives that were killed as long as it prevented the Russian from attacking Japan.

In yet, yet another words, the Japanese ministers are chosen from one of the World's Best Academy of Mentally Retarded!


  1. Kak rera

    Nak gelak pun ada...agaknya sebab tu dia kata cam gitu...

    Biasa lah dah boleh bercakap tu..macam macam yg pelik di cakap kan...
    Kalau berkuasa lagi lah..bermacam macam lagi yg lebih pelik akan dicakapkan...

    Manusia...semoga kita tidak digolongkan bersama golongan yg bercakap pelik pelik tu...aminnnnnn

  2. salam ani-zakri,
    PM abe dah kasi amaran kat dia, buat muka sedih sposen.
    Parti pembangkan minta dia letak jawatan...dah tua, boleh pencen dah tu. Duduk diam2 makan duit pencen sebulan rm 150,000 lagi aman, tak menganggu sesiapa pun!