Sunday, August 26, 2007



They say when the muscle ache comes 2 days later, then you are considered as old.

young people's muscle ache will come on the next day.

you should ask tomo to massage your leg when you go home.

anyway, please go home and have a big rest.

This is the e-mail I received from my elders daughter in Singapore.

My answer is...

My dear girl,
Yes, I am old.
I am old but I am proud to tell you that I've climbed the highest mountain in Japan. The muscles ache comes immediately I reached the summit and double again once I reached ground level.
Does this comes in the young people age-group? Or the going to die-soon group?

Tonight will be my third night at the foot of Mt. Fuji. The first night, I just walked across the road and booked in a shared room. I took dinner and a hot bath and slept unconscious. Then, the 2nd day, I booked in a business hotel for 2 nights.
I slept for 48 hours on the go, only to get up for toilets and a drink of water. I don't have much feeling to eat anything.
For the past two evenings, I soaked my screaming muscles in the hot bath, a burning sauna and a painful massage on the massage bed.
Then, before sleeping, I applied some muscles pain-killer all over.

I will make my way to Shinjuku by the express bus and then to Shibuya tomorrow morning. Then fly off home in the evening, insyaAllah.

First thing I do will be to upload the photos of my success climb once I reach home, insyaAllah, but I can't promise yet as I might hibernate again for sometime at home.

My advise to people who have intentions to climb this beautiful mountain is...
Reduce the body cellulite to less than 40% before climb,
No gout,
No irregular heart-beat,
No high blood pressure,
No weak angkle and knees,
No lung-related sickness,
Most important of all is to prepare mentally for the gruesome tortoure.


  1. salam buat sifu,
    rindu betul lama tak berceloteh dengan sifu. wah, sifu akan jadi makin sihat, insayAllah. muscles jangan jadi incredible hulk sudah la, karang lari semua pendaki...hehehe
    apa2 pun fina doakan semoga semuanya selamat dan dipermudahkan.

  2. Tahniah Lela...dah sampai ke puncak Fujiyama !!!

  3. Tahniah! You are my inspiration :)

  4. salam fina chan,
    nanti kita jumpa kat forum ye, sifu rindu semua ahli forum.

  5. salam kak yan,
    sesuatu kecemerlangan utk diri saya, sesuatu pengalaman yg dibawa ke akhir hayat.

    salam suzie,
    you are still young, why dont you give it a try as well, the satisfaction is beyond having all richness in the world.

  6. salam ramadan yg tak lama menyapa, terimakasih sudi tinggalkan alamat akk.. beberapa kali cuba masuk blog yang kena mangga itu..

    p/s tahniah, dalam usia begini dpt mendaki gunung fujiyama.. semoga DIA merahmati mu

  7. salam nina,
    usaha ini adalah dgn keizinan Allah. Dia kata lulus, jadi Dia luluskan hamba-Nya yg umur sedekad ini hehehe.