Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New kits-bunnies

Most people call baby rabbits as bunnies, that's what written in the dictionary but to be exact baby rabbits are called kits at birth, then before they are a year old, its changed to leveret. This is what I found out from some language expert but who would be bothered to change from kits to leveret. I take the easy way out, lets call them bunnies, internationally-understood.

Around March this year, we bought a buck and a doe, that's what you called a male and female rabbit. I mean, only if you turn the rabbit under and check for the reproductive instrument but would anyone bother with this? So, most people would just go for rabbits, not because they don't know what to call them but because they don't know the genitals.

Anyway, its 10 days today (see photo below) and the kits are growing beautiful, soft fur on their skin. At birth, their skin are mixture of dark or white, then came the fur which will follow the colour of their skin.

Anyway, the mother rabbit gave birth in an opened box with nothing at all. Otto was the first to see those kits. He was excited and warned everybody not to touch those kits for fear that with human smell on them, the mother might reject them and not be willing to feed them.
Most of the feedings are done in the night as I often go up the balcony to do my house laundry and haven't yet seen her feed the kits during the day.
Just for information, mother rabbits breast-feed their kits, just like humans females do.

Yesterday, the winds brought in some typhoon breeze that travelled to Taiwan bypassing this island. Eventhough the winds are not so strong, but still frequent with some little strength. It was bright and clear with that little strong breeze in the morning and Otto found out the rabbit box and kits was covered with shredded newspapers that we stocked on the balcony to collect their poos.
Otto questioned all of us about the newspapers and we all denied having done anything to do with it.
Then, in the afternoon the typhoon winds brought in some torrential downpours. Only after this downpours do we all realized that it was the mother rabbit that was doing the covering. The thing was, the mother rabbits knew the winds would bring in the torrential downpours. We, as humans with 5 senses, did not feel the downpours coming at all.
Some would call it animal instinct but I don't see it that way. I called is The Mercy and Rahmah of Allah SWT that give all animals the way to protect their youngs.

.: kits at 10 days old


  1. kawaii nye arnab2 tu k.lela. geram Ume tengok. ehhee.. tokoro de, 'si sulong' sudah tiba di s'pore ek. moga selamat segala nye...

  2. salam jumaat ume chan,
    kalau ume nak usagi, akak boleh emelkan...(gomen ne) jenaka purba berlapok...hehehe.

  3. kak lela, masa baru lahir rupa macam anak tikus ek? cepat betul mereka tumbuh bulu!