Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ramadan 1429/2008

Other than my weekly swimming session at the public pool once a week, the one thing I would really missed during the fasting month of Ramadan is the session at the hot pool bath.
See the picture above, that is where I go every week. That place is on a hilltop, way above the sea and almost touching the cloud. As I dipped my body in the hot pool jacuzzi, I looked below at small white-painted houses and green sugar cane fields. I just stare with empty thought. Clear my brains, washed my mind off all unwanted elements.
Clean my body, clear my thoughts and refresh my feelings with lots of love from memories of beautiful people, this I cannot miss every week.

Just yesterday, I had one of those weekly session. I was alone, looking at the sea so far away.
"Ufuk langit" at the edge of the earth.
Where does the sea drops from there?
Where does the sky rises from there?
These two, the sea and sky meet in the distance as our plain eyes see but the weird part is, our eyes are just playing trick on our sight.
While deep in thoughts about the "ufuk langit", I saw this women, maybe late 40s, sitting by the edge of the pool, near the glass window.
She has nothing on, she was also reflecting on the scenery. A long, deep reflection.
I looked at her and then looked again on the houses below and those cars that drove up the hill. Those people below would clearly see her as they drove up the hill.
I went slowly near her and told her, made her aware that some people can see her very clear in her bare element. She agreed and nodded her head a few times but never move away from the edge.
Never mind, I told myself, maybe people looking in her natural clothing is not a bother to her.

Ah, tomorrow is Ramadan.
I would miss that "ufuk langit", the white cloud swimming in the blue sky ever so softly, the deep blue colour of the calm sea, the pigeons that come to the glass window and cooing at us in the hot pool.

Ah, tomorrow is Ramadan....

Wishing all muslim readers, friends, relatives, even people who dislike me, ramadan al-mubarak (after edition), may Allah accept our sincere ibadah with rahmat.


  1. Puan jahrera,

    Ramadan is a good time for reflections and refinements too.

    "al-mubarak" means full of barakah.

    Selamat berpuasa untuk Puan sekeluarga dan semua muslimin-muslimat.


  2. Selamat menyambut Ramadhan, Kak Lela

  3. Salam Ramadhan, KakLela.Semuga kita berjaya merebut emas Ramadhan sebnayknya dan beroleh pengampunan di akhirnya

  4. Salam Ramadan Auntie Lela!
    Insya-Allah kad raya akan sampai ke rumah auntie nanti. Saya sedang berkursus 2 minggu di bulan ramadan ini. Pulang ke rumah di minggu ketiga berpuasa, masa itulah nanti saya akan kirimkan semua kad-kad raya. :)

    Semoga kita dikurniakan tubuh badan yang sihat untuk menjalankan ibadat puasa.

  5. Salam Ramadan buat puan dan famili. Semoga kehadiran Ramadan kali ini menambahkan lagi keberkatan hidup kita.

  6. hai kak lela...
    sorry about your condolence...