Thursday, October 08, 2009

In Tyfoon 18, 2009: Death or alive

As I'm sitting comfortably now watching the news, tyfoon 18 is roaring over in Aichi, Kochi towards Osaka and northwards.
I see the Japanese government has grouped everybody in the path of this torrential rain and fierce winds in emergency centers. I wonder how my friends up there are doing.

I need to renew my National Health Insurance which will expire soon. Otto said he needs to write the application for me. There is something new. He said I can choose to be an organ donor and it will show on the card.

That is good, I said.
I don't mind donating my organs except that my pair of eyes and my heart is not so good.
So leave those out, I said.
Put on the application form that they can have the rest of my body, I remind Otto.

The rest of the body without the mouth, otto rolled his eyes as he said this.

Otto said it's very dangerous to donate my organs.

I don't understand what dangers can there be after I died!

Muslims can donate there organs, that's what MUIS (Masjlis Ugama Islam Spore) announced a couple of years back, so go ahead. Make my day (in Afterlife)!

Otto said that is not what he meant. I still don't know where his mind is going.

You might be the target of organ-robbers just so they can get their hands on your liver, pancrease and the rest of your body parts.

To donate or not to donate. To live or not to live. Death or alive,nobody is safe now.


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