Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tyme to laugh Japanese-style...

When I first came to Japan 28 years ago, with nothing on my back and nothing in my head, this is the only TV weekly I enjoyed. Every Saturday evening, exactly 8pm, I would sit myself in front of the TV. The Drifters with Shimura Ken.

Eventhough, it's very cheap and uncivilised, I still laughed out loud.

Here, Shimura is a royal person going around freely in the palace peeping at palace ladies.

If you find this shot cheap, don't fuss. This is what the Japanese like. They sit around the TV, from oldest to youngest members of the family, laugh out loud to let off the stress.

This is a family show.

1 comment:

  1. Zaini and Raimie always look annoyed when I laughed out loud watching silly Japanese and Korean shows.

    It is a stress reliever (not too say that I am stressed). :D

    p.s. I cannot see the show lah Kak Lela...