Friday, May 14, 2010

Lobak putih

Credit : google

Parut lobak putih

Tenpura, sukiyaki, tendon, udon, sushi, sashimi...I called these food as business food. Those are food you get any any Japanese restaurant all over the world. Those food do not represent the daily menu of any normal Japanese people.
You will be surprised normal Japanese only take tenpura and sukiyaki like a year twice! Yes, those are business food served to people in shops only.
Even when you do a home stay, the host family served those food listed. Mainly because these food are so familiar to non-Japanese.

Japanese dishes at home mostly make up of rice and soup (mostly vegetable).
Then the main dish comes in fish or meat follows by a vegetable dish with an additional salad on the side.
Like the photo on my dining table.

We love to have daikon or white radish. I simply grate the radish julienne, mixed some salmon flakes and pour over some shoyu with a squeeze of lime. That's it.
Maybe the nearest to Malaysian dish is kerabu lobak. Raw radish.

A humble root vegetable with lots of healthy ingredient in it.



  1. To my friends, Japanese food equals to raw fish and they keep on saying they can't survive with raw fish if they visit Japan.

  2. salam lina,

    Raw fish is nice but after 3 days...i would say that's enough.

    Nobody can survive on raw fish only.

  3. Whats the green veg?

  4. Salam ayuk,

    the green vege is ingen, long beans. I make like nimono and spread white goma.
    For the diakon oroshi, you can simply pour ponshu and some sake furikake. Simple right?

  5. I c its ingen ne.
    yeah, i sometimes buy Daikon and make as what we ate in Okinawa.
    Minako does that also. Its really good,
    but people here don't seem to like the smell of it.
    I have never felt anything wrong with the smell of Daikon, so I feel strange when they make that crumpled face. hmm..
    And they still can say that durian smells marvelous.. oh p-leeeaaaase...