Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This is Kin. His is ginger and his eyes are yellowish-ginger as well. He left home a week ago and never return. He is a good listener. See how he followed our instruction. He can only sit on the white towel and he did. He never moved anywhere else. He would sit on the cloth for hours watching us do our things in the house.

This summer, he started to kill many mice. He went around the house, picked a mice here and there. Played around and when the creature is gone, he brought it back to let us see his catch. He loves to steal the golf ball when his boss do putting. He would rolled the balls here and there, and then he would sit on the balls waiting for the boss to come and picked it from under his body.
Best of all, Kin never nagged for his food. He wait patiently for us to fill his food bowl everyday.
But now Kin is gone. Don't know what happened to him. All kind of weird thoughts came to my head. He was kidnapped. He fall down a black hole and cannot escaped, and died a quiet and slow death. Or maybe ...whatever. Anyway, I do missed my Kin-chan.

But when Kin is gone, things changed very fast around the house. Of course, I don't see the mice moving around at night. But the pigeons and other birds are having some feeling free times around the house.
Here this pigeon has made it a habit to visit our front pouch even when we are nearby. Of course, Otto is happy. Way, way happy...he is.


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