Monday, July 04, 2011

Summer Fruits

Summer Berries

The Japanese called the deep blue berries as yamamomo. I've grown it for the past 14 years. In May this year, I saw bunches of it on the tree in my front garden. I saw this fruit the day my first short story was published. Can you figure out which news makes me more excited to receive.
Even though I have hope for my short story to go into publication long before this, but the impact of receiving the news of this blurred out to the first season of seeing the first reward from this tree which I have waited for the past 14 years.
Unfortunately, the first typhoon of this years, plucked everything off its branches. I was really saddened by this. I have looked forward to tasting the first reward.
This photo was from a friend, Zetty Yada, who went to Beijing for her honeymoon. I looked longingly at the deep purple yamamomo in the picture and pray that next year, I will be given the chance to taste it sweetness.

The pink/red berris is cherry from the sakura tree which the Japanese called as sakuranbo. The sakura tree is still young in my garden and hopefully it a few years time, it might produce some sakuranbo.

Lycee from my garden

At this point of writing, I counted about 15 ripe lycees hanging on it branches. I just hope the bird birds (don't know its name) do not get to it first. Actually, there were about 50 of them still unripe but the typhoon in May took all of it. So, I should be happy to be having those few left to taste.

Lycee again



  1. Nak cari laici, nak cari laici...

  2. Alahai... harap Kak Lela ada rezeki dapat merasa apa yang ada. Takpun, tahun depan masih ada. :)