Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nothing coincides...

 I was reading this book today which is 23.12.2012, "Let it shine" by Josephine Cox.
Then as I come to page 39, it says, "came around to Christmas. I can't believe it's the day after tomorrow..."
I put the book down and thought this date is the same as the day I am reading the book.
What a good coincident, I was thinking. But then again, nothing is coincident. Everything is planned.
Every bit of movement in our life is planned.
I feel sort of happy knowing the date is the same in my real life. It's not always this sort of thing happen in one's life.

We got this sofa set 15 years ago. These two armchairs are still in good shape though the long sofa is torned due to wear and tear. Since past couple of years, I've persuaded man of the house to get a new set but he can't part with it.
Then, when told that my son's has got some friends who open some kind of a bakery and needing some furniture, man of the house at last agreed to let go.
I took this chance to select some nice set and good thing too, it's the end of the year and season of big discounts everywhere.
Another thing that make me happy is now I'm sitting on the new set (a caramel-dull orangey shade).
After sleeping on the new set half the night, I asked man of the house, "How was the first night with the new one?"
He just said, "Same to me!"
Insensitive or what!


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