Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Happiness is but a moment

Writing and reading, without doubt are pure happiness for me. But on the very top are family over everything else. My grandchildren are spending some time at home, while the mother recovers more energy from childbirth. My daily routine which starts the day with writing and ending it with writing before has turned out to be very colourful now.
Weather permits, we would drive near a beach where a huge children playground would occupy the twins, who have turned two years old now. While the mother handles the twins, I would sit on the soft grass with the latest grandson of 2 months on my lap. The huge blue sky, the gentle sea breeze, the soft sunshine and the cushiony grass, I would ask for no more. That is my blissful world.
In the meantime, I would catch the night to do some writing, that is if my body permits (the hateful part of getting on age is not the increased years but the lessening strength).


Would anybody try to guess why this boy digs his sister's nose? Maybe there is some dried-up phlem but I like to think he is trying to figure out something from his action.

Happiness is but a moment, enjoy it while it lasts.


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