Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Covenant

"Watch your thoughts, they become words/ Watch your words, they become actions/ Watch your actions, they become habits/ Watch your habits, they become character/ Watch your character, they become destiny."/ by unknown writer.


I gave myself only 3 days to repair my pc. Friday, Saturday and Sunday...that's it.
Monday...I had better things to do in life than to find for some cyber worms, that if non-existent, wouldn't affect my living being at all.
Well to tell the truth, I never give up. I still tried to go inside the system registry, what with HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_SOFTWARE_MICROSOFT_WINDOWS_CurrentVersion and the whole gargle.

The Green Gargle of the CyberGangrene!

That's how I feel.

Anyway, I have to challenge myself. What's life without its challenges.
But it's not a winning case here. I managed to nuke some but there are still lots hiding in there.

So, there goes my three days. I lost!

I go the easy way out...REFORMAT.

For the next 48 hours, I did the whole do again.
Prayer time, Yahoo messenger, Internet Explorer 7, Service Pack 2, Norton, Lavasoft...updates and updates.

At the point of writing now, I haven't even done with printer, fax and skype camera drivers.

Maybe later. My blood have gone to every capillaries in my brain. At least with that condition, I can console myself that my brain neutron is still in good working condition.

Do you see that book on top there?
I've been reading it for the past 4 months. Four months. No joke!
It has 1238 pages and at 4 month's reading, I'm only on page 455.

That's an average of 100 pages for 1 month and if my calculation is exact, at this speed, I might finish reading it in 8 month's time.

This book is very engrossing, not a dull moment in history, for those who think...ah, she's reading a boring book.

I have a whole line-up of books to read after 8 months. You see, unlike some people I admired who can read 3-4 books at the same time, I have to finish one book at a time to go to the next.

Just last week, one very good friend who came here about 6-7 years ago, sent me
Travelog Haji by Muhd Kamil Ibrahim and one Rasa magazine from Karangkraf.

Thank you Hanisah Hassan, budi baikmu akanku kenang selagi masih ada hayat.
Those other books will have to wait another 9-10 months before I can even blink at their title.

Ps: I know Prof. Muhd Kamil Ibrahim, used to write comments in his blog 2 years ago when he first started to play in blogger.com but not anymore.
Why don't I write those comments anymore?
The cyber worms took his site away...I reformat


  1. Salam Kak Lela..

    reformat???taihen ne...

  2. Puan halela,

    Dua tahun yang lalu saya mula menulis.

    Dua tiga hari yang lepas genap 2 tahun. Puan juga menghilang.

    Muhd Kamil Ibrahim

  3. kak lela,
    kesian akak... ni saya menjengahkan diri kot2 tak jumpa link saya jugak, bolehla bloghop dari profile nanti... selamat membersihkan virus2 dan worms murka dan durja tu...

  4. salam prof. MKI,

    2 thn lalu, blog dulu bermasalah. Saya tutup sekejap dan gantikan yang asli (blog ini) semula.

    Tahniah, Travelog Haji sampai juga ke Jepun :-)