Sunday, February 24, 2008

Virus attack

"Watch your thoughts, they become words/ Watch your words, they become actions/ Watch your actions, they become habits/ Watch your habits, they become character/ Watch your character, they become destiny."/ by unknown writer.


Friday night, I wanted to know the code for embedding MP music, so I searched for the code and out came some sound oooo and ahhhh.
Oh, oh, I knew immediately, some lucah site managed to break down my cover. Habis, that was the only thought that came in mind.
Yes, habis...

I take care of my pc like its my own child. I cover it with high security, on top of that, closed all spams and no pop-up is allowed.
More that that, every page I open I make sure the setting will prompt for cookie permission.
Than, every time I shut down, all cookie and temporary files are destroyed, just in case there are some ugly-ducklings trying to hide in the cookie.
On top of all this, every week, I do spyware and anti-virus scanning and of course not to mention, very top in latest virus updates and spyware.

So, I thought I was very safe. I thought I can gleefully fly all over the cyber world like the Japanese emperor going shopping in town.

Then I hear some ooohhh-ahhhhs.
This bloody lucah site break the spam wall, knock down pop-up protection and slide ever so smoothly in my system registry. Forgive my language...CILAKA betul semua manusia yang buat kerja "lucah" belakang tabir!

Ok, anti-virus screams every now and then for me to clean this pc, I am infected with Worm.Win32.NetSky (maybe from activeX of the lucah site) and Trojan Downloader (this one another big pain in the neck).

Went into system restore and work in safe mode, scan spyware and anti-virus for two rounds and still the worm is inside, can't get rid of it.

Where is it hiding?
In my system registry.
But I can't find the command line for the path to the registry of this worm.

What do I do?
I've spent this whole weekend tickeling and the spring sun is outside, shining ever so welcomingly. Warming my body and inviting me to bath in its light.

ps: Help me, if not I will have to reformat and then again all my links will be gone.


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  1. salam klela,
    dah lama tak menjengah kemari, ooo.. rupanya terkena cacing gelang ek. Nina rasa kalo di siram ngan clorox pun tak dpt ilang, cacing tu kebal ya amat. Biasanya nina unplug cmos lepas tu reformat balik. Memang menyusahkn betul, what to do *big sigh* soma link jd lingkop :(