Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Darma Mohammad

"Watch your thoughts, they become words/ Watch your words, they become actions/ Watch your actions, they become habits/ Watch your habits, they become character/ Watch your character, they become destiny."/ by unknown writer.


The color of your smiles
painted on the clouds;
slowly drizzled together
with the wind;
soaking my soul.

Darma Mohammad. April 17, 2006

I don't remember how I got to know his blog but the piecework of Smile here is among some of his earliest postings. From that first reading on, I opened his page everyday to breath at his creative writings.
During the era of early postings in his blog, I treasured the moment to be his only commentor, which meant I get his full attention. But with his flowering and come-alive lines, this didn't last long. A couple of months later, he gets around 10 or more commentors on every postings. Then something tragic happened, nine months later, he stopped from blogging. Everyday his fans and avid readers would pester him, thirsty for some sweet cups of words that he smoothly pours, but he still would leave the container dry.

Leaving some very disappointed fans.

He is the quiet, very polite and humbly low-profiled Darma Mohammad (I use his pen name).

I was among those disappointed people, trying to find his words everywhere.
One time, I even thought another person with almost identical name, to be him.
I gathered some of his writings and lines that he dropped all over the cyber world. Accumulating and storing them painstakingly.

Two years passed and from a reliable source, he was one of the earliest people to hold my Haiku Antology book.
That alone is relevant for me. That alone shows his interest in haiku.

A month ago, he let known his feelings of wanting to learn more on the ways of writing a proper haiku.
Salams passed and immediately some of the most beautiful haiku came my way.
I knew from earlier reading that most of his free-style peoms have accent of nature, attention on season and the changing cycle of scenery. Which is the very core subject of writing haiku.
So, it not a surprise to see him going into haiku with ease and smooth-flowing talent.

Yesterday, I received from him two of his books which comes in "7 lapisan tirai". That was a joke and I have to laugh so loud alone.

Di laut ada garam. Batu karang menghisap
bajamu. Embun merayap turun ke bibirmu
menjamah rasa asin. Rumpai laut subur
di atas buaian buih. Laut tetap teguh menghampar
mukanya yang berkedut. Tuhan, kuasa-Mu abadi
tak tercabar. Engkau memberi roh
kepada laut bersama garam. Kau memberi baja
kepada batu karang. Rahmat-Mu Ilahi melesat
dari teras mutiara ke janggut-janggut udang.

Pasir Mas, 1988
Janjang Iktikaf-Darma Mohammad-(izin diluluskan)

Terima kasih sdr Darma Mohammmad.


  1. D.a.r.m.a M.o.h.a.m.m.a.d book!!! Mana nak ku cari buku-buku itu.
    Waktu sekolah menengah saya kenal haiku aruah Pak Sako. Kemudian 20 tahun saya tenggelam. Sekarang saya cuma baca dan mencari.

  2. Salam Jahrera,

    Kak Lela, nak tulis haiku ni kena tahu/minat sastera ke?
    Saya baca sekali susah betul nak faham..janggut-janggut udang ni apa ye..saya pun nak gelak jugak!

  3. Saya adalah di antara kawan baik Darma. Minggu lepas saya belajar haiku dari Darma. Katanya dia belajar dari Halela. Saya pun tidak tahu mengapa dia sudah berhenti bloging. Saya harap dia akan kembali di dunia maya.