Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Worms and winds

That's right. Its the season of worms and winds. The leaves and branches are full of hanging worms, to be exact baby butterflies. Black body with yellow heads and orange lines on the body. Maybe a speciality in Okinawa. As round and fat as my little fingers. Cars parking under that tree, will sure to have worms in the seat, if windows are opened.

This is one major reason I don't go into gardening.
My weakness for worms or I am just another worm deep down in me.
By the way, I don't even dare step on these wriggly creatures, I usually make a detour to avoid my shoes touching them.

The winds are coming too. Its the typhoon season again. This will last till October. So, all branches and trees are trimmed. Just so we don't have to do major clean-up the day after.

Those two men are the the major WORMS and WINDS of my life.
I don't step on them, always treat them delicately. Like it or not, they are the decision-maker of this clan.

WINDS, their decision stands. Whatever direction goes, I go too.
The major winds of my life.
The one on the step-ladder at 58, has strong arms that I lay my head on everynight.

The leader of the clan at 98, tied up those brances and neatly carried them to the garbage pick-up corner.

WORMS and WINDS, the very basic of life.


  1. 98...sugoi...but kalaulah islam...insyaallah

  2. wah, 98 tapi nampak tough lagi tu...

  3. lama dah tak tinggalkan komen di blog ni. Saya perhatikan pokok-pokok di belakang tu. Ternampak pokok buah naga (dragon fruit).

    Saya suka kepompong dan rama-rama tapi saya tidak suka ulat bulu. well, it's all the same thing anyway.

  4. Salam kak lela
    zar rasa by the time kak lela sampai di Malaysia, Semenanjung sedang dilanda musim buah buahan.. kampung zar confirm bulan jun durian luruh.. rambutan, dukong sedang berputik muda..

    pokok buah naga.. ?? ada ek? yang mana satu ye?

  5. salam menza ice,

    memang itu pokok naga. Buahnya wara putih dan tak berapa manis.

    salam zar,
    wah, kali ini dapatlah k lela rasa buah-buahan yang bermusim di rumah kakak sepupu di kancong, N9.

    nanti kak lela beli hanfon, kasi no. pada zar ye.